Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (2023)

Due to the asymmetrical nature of combat and warfare in Total War: Warhammer 2, it's easy to have favorite factions that fit your play style. Within these factions there are also several other choices for the Legendary Lords or the faction leader who serves as the player's avatar and agent to become the most powerful, either in the Vortex campaign or in the Mortal Empires Grand Battle Royale.

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To that end, selecting the most powerful Legendary Lord can go a long way, as not only does he offer some nifty campaign bonuses, but he can literally serve as one unit🇧🇷 As it is, a game with Warhammer in its name rewards player favoritism. So when it comes to bestowing someone the Sword of Khaine, or perhaps just picking a faction to play in a big win condition, these Legendary Lords are the cream of the crop.

Updated July 3, 2021 by Sid Natividad:The roster of legendary lords in Total War: Warhammer 2 is so diverse that we can't help but look back at some of the faction leaders we left out. While there are always some basic meta in the game, some of Warhammer 2's less-loved Legendary Lords can be powerful Dark Horse characters in their own right.

Therefore, the selection of the best Warhammer 2 lords has just been expanded. We've included some of the legendary Lords that have been overshadowed by their larger and more powerful contemporary factions. You can't go wrong with choosing them along with the staple meta, as long as you provide them with the right army and choose the most optimal combat card abilities for them.


15/15Durthu (Waldelfen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (1)
  • large single unit
  • Great melee fighter and lord matador
  • Panzer

Wood elves don't find much love in their fairly basic roster of legendary lords, but they do have Durthu, who is pretty much the Avengers equivalent of the Hulk's wood elf. Durthu is the strongest melee fighter and is also a deadly walking tree with a flaming sword.

That should be reason enough to convince you to play the Wood Elves. Durthu is also robust and can take on lords like Kholek Suneater. He can absorb enemy fire while the Wood Elves' ranged units do the work. If you give him the Sword of Khaine, you don't even need to bring reinforcements here for Old Treebeard.

14/15Kroq-gar (lizardmen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (2)
  • Good against large units or bosses
  • Has flexible abilities despite being a melee fighter
  • Get a T-Rex Mount

Kroq-gar plays a much-needed role as a powerful melee lord for the Lizardmen, as their faction leader is a spellcaster. While Nakai the Wanderer has better stats than Kroq-gar, Kroq-gar's bonuses on the campaign map are too good to pass up or trade.

Kroq-gar is also less resistant than Nakai, but has a bonus against large enemies, making it perfect as a Lord Killer or when dealing with dragons or enemy monsters. His skills are also more diverse and his place on the campaign map is quite advantageous.

13/15Thorgrim (Zwerge)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (3)
(Video) Every Legendary Lord in Total War Warhammer 2 Ranked from Worst to Best
  • Tank with high armor
  • Insane attack and armor piercing damage
  • Great for lord duels

Most dwarven lords and even their units are excellent in their own right, but Thorgrim, the main leader of the dwarven faction, is the cream of the crop among these mighty and rabid beards. He's strong and has insane amounts of melee damage and armor piercing, so he has no problem killing enemy lords.

In a duel, you can expect a Thorgrim to win, as long as it's a fair match. Aside from some nasty armor piercing attacks, Thorgrim himself is also one of the most heavily armored units in the game. The Book of Grudges he carries into battle probably gives him even more armor.

15/12Skrolk (Skaven)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (4)
  • Versatile
  • mister sorcerer
  • Can also be a melee fighter
  • Disease and Poison Devastating Skills

Forget Queek Headtaker when playing as Skaven, Skrolk outclasses him in many ways. Skrolk is supposed to be a range-focused Legendary Lord whose specialization is casting spells, but that hasn't stopped him from having a frightening number of melee attacks. His weapon damage is nearly identical to Thorgrim's.

If you want him to get even more deadly, you can use his penchant for stealth so he can ambush any unit or restless lord - you can bet he'll be reliable in a duel. Skrolk with an army is also a huge threat, as he can deal poison damage to his fellow Skaven and deal a lot of damage to the enemy army with plague-related abilities.

15.11Throgg (Norsca)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (5)
  • additional tanks
  • Weakens melee opponents
  • great for dueling

Looking for a tank that just won't die? So Throgg from the Norscae Wintertooth faction should be enough. He is a troll and therefore difficult to kill. Throgg has one of the highest HP available to a Legendary Lord, and this is even harder to reduce thanks to his passive regeneration ability.

If the enemy army tries to smother Throgg with melee or assassins, they will gain a cold debuff, lowering their speed. All that's left for Throgg is to chew through his ranks like the fancy popsicles they are. Enemy Legendary Lords that get too close are also not exempt.

15.10Mannfred Von Carstein (Vampire Lords)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (6)
  • Good balance between duelist and caster
  • Obtain a flying undead dragon mount
  • Can add more units to your army

Vampire Lords have always been a solid faction that is also beginner friendly, and wouldn't you know it, they are also home to some of the best magical hybrids out there. Among them, Mannfred Von Carstein more or less takes the cake (sorry Vlad the Chad).

(Video) Legendary Lord Ranking Tierlist

Mannfred is already an excellentmeleeon foot, which is equipped with Dual Lore Magic, meaning the number of opportunities to mess with your enemy is doubled. His mount is also an undead dragon, so he's hard to hit, which is good, as his death is an automatic defeat for your army.

15.9Malekith (Black Elves)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (7)
  • Best balance between caster and duelist in the game
  • Get a flying dragon mount
  • Devastating Magic

Much like Mannfred, Malekith is an impressive caster/fighter hybrid, except Angsty McEdge has heavier armor here. However, Malekith's dragon mount is also better and does more damage.

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He may not have Mannfred's flexibility as a spellcaster, but his spells are more direct and should produce devastating results more quickly. Another advantage he has is the fact that his army doesn't depend on him too much.

15/08Mazdamundi (Lizardmen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (8)
  • One of the best Wizard Lords in the game
  • Can forward the armies themselves

Speaking of mages, Mazdamundi of the Lizardmen is someone who doesn't believe in being immature. So what he lacks in melee combat, he makes up for by being one of the most skilled magic users in the game.

Mazdamundi only has one job, after all, and that's to sit in the background and ruin as many spells as possible.the enemy armywhile the grunts of his lizardfolk serve as figurative tar pits. If protected well enough, Mazdamundi can turn the tide with spells alone.

15.7Graf Noctilus (Vampirküste)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (9)
  • Panzer
  • Obtain a Necrofex Colossus mount
  • Mount gives him powerful ranged artillery.
  • great for dueling
  • Can summon zombies

Fancy a vampire pirate with an undead wooden Gundam? Well, look no further than Count Noctilus, as he has one of the coolest mounts in the game. It's literally a giant undead ship rebuilt to act as a mecha.

Count Noctilus can not only mount fire cannons and deal a lot of damage from afar, but also protect himself, especially in lordly duels. He's also a good reason to skip Luthor Harkon, who is the de facto leader of the Vampire Coast. Luthor just isn't that modern.

(Video) 5 STRONGEST Legendary Lords in Warhammer 2!

15.06Tyrion (Hochelfen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (10)
  • Considered the best melee fighter in the game
  • Perfect for lord duels

Many high elven lords pride themselves on being hybrid warrior/sorcerers on their magical flying horse/dragon. Then there is Tyrion. Tyrion is fine with a normal horse. Tyrion doesn't overcompensate, knowing he can destroy this legendary lord after he breaks through the enemy infantry line and charges against them.

It was created to defeat the ever-chosen droppings of enemy lords. To that end, he's one of the best melee duelists in the game, with an impressive amount of armor piercing damage. Give him the Sword of Khaine and watch him become one of the best headhunters on the battlefield.

15/05Teclis (Hochelfen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (11)
  • One of the best magicians in the game
  • Get a flying mount
  • Impressive magical abilities capable of causing armies to flee

Too bad Mazdamundi isn't considered by the community as the best spell caster in the game, despite being chained to a chair. No, that title goes to Teclis, Tyrion's brother. He's the smart one. Thanks to some later game improvements, Teclis is a magical flying siege machine on her mount.

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His vast knowledge of magic provides players with numerous spells to cast on enemies, particularly from the light, sky, life, fire, shadow, and beast tales. Combined with an Arcane Phoenix, which requires DLC, he can single-handedly defeat armies if unchallenged.

15.4Imrik (Hochelfen)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (12)
  • Panzer
  • great for dueling
  • Get a Flying Star Kite mount
  • The Star Kite mount can direct armies before they even approach

On the other hand, High Elf dragons are considered the best in the game, so a High Elf Legendary Lord without a dragon mount is a waste. Fortunately, Imrik exists and he is a certified Dragon Prince.

He is also an extremely capable melee fighter with tons of armor piercing damage. He is also resistant to fire damage. It's not like he needs much defense anyway since his Star Dragon can destroyarmy unitsto destroy through breath attacks or stomping.

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15/03Wulfrik the Wanderer (Norsca)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (13)
  • Panzer
  • Great for duels, high damage
  • Get a gigantic mount that makes you even more robust

Norsca may have been overshadowed by more armored armies, but that doesn't mean they don't have a trick up their sleeves. Wulfrik the Wanderer lives up to his reputation as a monster slayer, as a fully leveled and enhanced version of him with a gigantic mount can and will best any Legendary Lord in a one-on-one battle.

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Hell, he's probably facing them even while they have the Sword of Khaine. That's how menacing this semi-chaosed Viking is in Total War Warhammer 2. At the very least, he can always try to defeat the leader of an enemy army, even if the battle ends in defeat.

15/02Kholek Suneater (Chaos)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (14)
  • Panzer
  • Ideal for duels and for large units
  • Unit also big and can trample even without reloading
  • Can take on armies alone with full gear

Chaos just had to be here. you have the worst andangrier unitsavailable and their strongest hitter is a huge, unstoppable monster. Among the biggest standalone units in the game, Kholek Suneater has armor-piercing damage that renders Legendary Lords' armor virtually useless.

Kholek is an automatic candidate for the Sword of Khaine. He was already unstoppable without her. With the sword he becomes a bowling ball and no longer needs an army behind him.

1/15Archaon The Everchosen (Caos)

Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Most Powerful Legendary Lords, Ranked (15)
  • Panzer
  • great for dueling
  • Tons of Ward Save
  • Fire magic skills make you formidable
  • One Man Army Unstoppable with the Sword of Khaine

As strong and imposing as Kholek can be, he is a one-trick Shaggoth that can even be impaled by Anti-Big units. As such, Archaon the Everchosen offers greater versatility in combat, as he can also cast Lore of Fire spells.

Unfortunately, his mount is just a horse too, but he's one of those legendary lords who doesn't need an army anymore once they get their hands on the Sword of Khaine. He is too angry to die, even against five or ten armies.

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Who is the strongest legendary lord Warhammer 2? ›

Grimgor Ironhide, hands down. He's the best; NOTHING can beat him, no matter what these other mere mortals say.... If you get enough vassals with Kholek, then he will beat every single LL 100%.

How many legendary Lords are there in Warhammer 2? ›

Rather, the new game mode offers a variety of new features and approaches to the combined battlefield: Access all 86 Legendary Lords from all three Total War: WARHAMMER titles. Be'Lakor is now a Legendary Lord with his own faction.

Who is the best Tomb King in Warhammer 2? ›

Settra the Imperishable is the greatest of all of the Tomb Kings. In life, Settra saw the rise to greatness of Nehekhara, and has been awoken to find it all in ruins. His goal is to restore his great empire. Settra is the easiest King to start off with, with strong faction effects for growth and public order.

How powerful is Lord change? ›

Lords of Change are the greatest and most magically powerful of all Daemonkind. These bird-Daemons of Tzeentch are hideously unpredictable and manipulative. Behind its gaze lies a curious and wreckful mind, deeply intelligent, yet as uncaring of consequence as it is fascinated by it.

Who is the strongest in Warhammer? ›

The Orks can also be considered to be the most successful and powerful in Warhammer 40K due to their partial immunity to chaos, ability to reproduce quickly, and ever-growing strength when facing powerful threats.

Is Belakor a legendary lord? ›

To kick things off, we'd like to introduce you to the one and only Be'Lakor: a key character joining the WARHAMMER III line-up as a fully-playable Legendary Lord.

Is Boris Todbringer a legendary lord? ›

In Total War: Warhammer II onwards, he appears in the legendary lords panel when recruiting lords in campaign. Middenland.

What is the best faction in Warhammer 2? ›

10 Best Factions In Total Warhammer
  • Ogre Kingdoms. ...
  • Skaven. ...
  • Tzeentch. ...
  • Kislev. ...
  • High Elves. ...
  • Dwarfs. ...
  • Khorne. ...
  • Greenskins.
Apr 21, 2022

Are skaven overpowered in Warhammer 2? ›

If you are playing VH battle difficulty the skaven are going to feel very op, because the difficulty boosts ai melee units by a lot, and skaven are already very powerful at range, so they can easily beat you at both.

What is the easiest faction in Warhammer 2? ›

Vortex is probably the best choice, every faction has a sort of mini-campaign that, while not in-depth, could provide goals for you to pursue. High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, and Skaven follow a Vortex campaign that tends to throw large waves of enemies at you, the other factions have their own goals.

Who is the champion of nurgle? ›

Valnir the Reaper, also known as the "Scion of Nurgle" and the "Reaper of Souls," is a great, Half-Daemon Champion of Nurgle, the Chaos God of decay and pestilence. According to the sagas of the Crow tribe of Norsca, Valnir was once a great chieftain and warrior.

Who is Khornes champion? ›

Skarr Bloodwrath - Skarr was the fearsome, near-immortal Chaos Champion of the Khorne-blessed Skaramor Tribe of Norsca.

Can you Confederate Legendary Lords? ›

Beastmen factions can use Dread to force other Beastmen Legendary Lords to confederate their faction. However, this can only be done between playable factions.

Who defeated nagash? ›

After a titanic battle, Nagash's forces were defeated by the combined might of the Army of the Seven Kings.

How many armies can Tomb Kings have? ›

Day of Awakening

To begin Tomb kings can recruit two limitless units, Skeleton warriors, and spearmen.

What are Tomb Kings called now? ›

The Tomb Kings, known as the Priest Kings in their former lives, are the undying rulers of Nehekhara, an ancient civilisation of Men that formed a great and powerful empire some two thousand five hundred years before the birth of Sigmar Heldenhammer and the founding of the Empire.

How powerful is the grace of God? ›

The Bible Dictionary puts it this way: “The main idea of the word [grace] is divine means of help or strength. … Grace is an enabling power” (“Grace”). It enables the recipient to do and to be what he or she cannot do and cannot be if left to his or her own means.

What God Cannot change? ›

His Mercy is unchanging. Psalm 100:5 says, “For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting, And His truth endures to all generations.” The same is true with His knowledge, sovereignty, holiness, power, faithfulness, goodness, patience, grace, and even His wrath. His attributes never change. God's will never changes.

Can anything be too hard for the Lord? ›

And seeing him in his puzzlement God asked, "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" - Genesis 18:14 Later, Jeremiah gives the answer: "There is nothing too hard for thee." So I say to you, God's power is limitless, and thus His promises are providentially secure, therefore, there is no promise too hard for His to keep.

Who is the god of Chaos in Warhammer? ›

There are four Chaos Gods: wrathful Khorne, devious Tzeentch, pestilential Nurgle and cruel Slaanesh. All are jealous and prideful deities, each believing himself destined to be the supreme ruler of all existence.

Who is the Blood god in Warhammer? ›

Khorne, also known as the "Blood God," [3a] the "Lord of Murder" [3k], the "Lord of Skulls," "Hunter of Souls," and "the Hound" in Norsca, is the major Chaos God of war, hatred, wrath, rage, murder, blood, strength, courage and martial honour.

Who is the oldest Chaos god? ›

The oldest and first of the chaos god is Khorne, this is said repeatedly in the Liber Chaotica which is our best in universe canon understanding of how the forces of chaos function.

Who is the 9th legendary Lord? ›

With eight dynamic Legendary Lords to choose from, the Warhammer III roster is brimming with options for all playstyles, but today, we reveal the ninth Legendary Lord… the Daemon Prince!

Is Archaon the son of Belakor? ›

Be'lakor is a major demonic villain from the Warhammer franchise and the main antagonist of Total War Warhammer III. The first mortal to become a Daemon Prince of Chaos and the father to the current Everchosen, Archaon.

Is Belakor a Chaos god? ›

Be'lakor, called the "Dark Master," is the first Daemon Prince of Chaos, a servant of Chaos Undivided, and "Father-in-Shadow" to the current thirteenth Everchosen of Chaos Undivided, Archaon.

Can you unlock boris in immortal empires? ›

As of now you can play Boris in Immortal Empires only if you have unlocked him first by playing the required objective for him in The Realm of Chaos campaign.

How do I unlock Ursun? ›

Operation: Ursus Unlockus

This battle requires the player to eliminate three Tzeentch Sorcerers scattered around the battle map.

Who is Toddy Warhammer? ›

Boris Todbringer is a man of singular action and determined purpose: to rid the forest of Khazrak's bestial scourge.

Who is the best duelist in Warhammer 2? ›

1 Archaon The Everchosen (Chaos)
  • Tanky.
  • Great for duelling.
  • Tons of Ward Save.
  • Fire magical abilities make him formidable.
  • Unkillable one-man-army with the Sword of Khaine.
Jul 3, 2021

What faction is better peacekeepers or survivors? ›

In short, Survivors are best if you would rather avoid fights, and prefer to explore the rooftops of Villedor. On the other hand, Peacekeepers are for those who prefer to decimate everyone who gets in the way, be it crowds of infected or bandits.

What faction is Ellie? ›

The Rattlers are a militaristic gang of slavers based in Santa Barbara, California, who serve as the final antagonistic faction Ellie Williams and Abby Anderson encounter in The Last of Us Part II.

Are Skaven aligned with nurgle? ›

Usually, however, Skaven avoid contact with the cults of Nurgle, knowing that they may be seen as rivals, not allies, and only interfere when the cults' ambitions obstruct their own.

Are Skaven Tyranids? ›

The Tyranids have no true counterpart in the Warhammer Fantasy or Age of Sigmar franchise branch. They are most similar to the Skaven, who like them breed in large numbers and will destroy anything in their path, as well as polluting the local environment.

What chaos god do Skaven worship? ›

The Great Horned Rat is the unholy god of the skaven and one of the five major Chaos Gods active in seeking to corrupt the Mortal Realms.

What is the strongest faction in Warhammer lore? ›

The strongest faction in Warhammer 40K is the Astra Militarum, or the Imperial Army/Navi.

What faction has the best artillery Warhammer 2? ›

Empire has the most options for artillery, and the most powerful pure artillery. Other artillery based factions have their own merits, without a doubt. But if you're purely asking about artillery potential, Empire wins. Skaven, their warplightning can outrange pretty much everything.

Who betrayed Khorne? ›

Oceans of blood have been shed in the name of Khorne with his legendary twin Daemon-axes. Roused only by the anger that spurred his betrayal, Skarbrand exudes anarchy and death, and where he treads, bloodshed and war follow.

Which Primarch fell to Nurgle? ›

Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle.

Why is Nurgle called Papa? ›

Nurgle is the Chaos god of disease, decay, despair and destruction. Even though the nature of his influence, he begins to like his victims, caring for them in a jovial manner close to a loving grandfather; so he is commonly called Grandfather Nurgle or Papa Nurgle.

What Legion fell to Khorne? ›

When they betrayed the Imperium, it was of little surprise that the vast majority dedicated themselves to Khorne. The XIIth Legion fractured after the Horus Heresy, scattering into warbands across the galaxy.

Is Slaanesh male or female? ›

Slaanesh is often referred to as a "he," with the masculine gender, though in fact, like all the entities composed of magical energy called the Chaos Gods, it in fact has no true gender, and Slaanesh prefers a far more androgynous appearance than his fellow Ruinous Powers.

Why is Kharn the betrayer? ›

Khârn slew in a berserk rage Emperor's Children and World Eaters alike, earning him the title The Betrayer, and the infighting he started shattered the Legion into the individual warbands it now consists of. From then on, he has become the unstoppable and bloody avatar of Khorne.

Can the Warriors of Chaos Confederate? ›

The Warriors of Chaos can now subjugate all human and elven races. Archaon and Be'lakor can now confederate other Warriors of Chaos factions upon capturing their final settlement. Added an Ultimate Crisis setting to trigger all endgame scenarios in the same playthrough.

How many legendary Lords are there? ›

Total War: Warhammer III released with 10 Legendary lords across the game's 7 base game races (Daemons of Chaos, Grand Cathay, Khorne, Kislev, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch).

Is Belakor a legendary Lord? ›

To kick things off, we'd like to introduce you to the one and only Be'Lakor: a key character joining the WARHAMMER III line-up as a fully-playable Legendary Lord.

Is Boris Todbringer a legendary Lord? ›

In Total War: Warhammer II onwards, he appears in the legendary lords panel when recruiting lords in campaign. Middenland.

Who is the best Lord in Fire Emblem? ›

Fire Emblem: 5 Best Lords In The Franchise (& 5 Worst)
  • 8/10 Best: Hector.
  • 7/10 Worst: Lianna.
  • 6/10 Best: Lucina.
  • 5/10 Worst: Roy.
  • 4/10 Best: Seliph.
  • 3/10 Worst: Rowan.
  • 2/10 Best: Ike.
  • 1/10 Worst: Corrin.
Sep 20, 2020

Who is the best skaven legendary Lord? ›

Best skaven lord/faction
  • 249. Clan skyre (ikit claw)
  • Clan moulder (throt the unclean)
  • Clan rictus (trench caverntail)
  • Clan mors (queek headtaker)
  • Clan pestilence (lord skrolk)
  • Clan eshin (deathmaster snikch)
Jan 31, 2021

Who is a strongest lord? ›

The last of the Lords from Three Houses, Edelgard is considered to be the most powerful in the high-tier group.

Is Byleth a villain? ›

But while much of the game will look very familiar to Fire Emblem veterans, one thing is very different; the previous hero of Three Houses, Byleth, is now the villain. So why did developer Omega Force turn the beloved jade-haired protagonist into a baddie? Well, it's all down to further exploring the character's charm.

Who can beat fallen Edelgard? ›

However, with the right build Summer Byleth is one of the most reliable counters to Fallen Edelgard. Before she can fight Edelgard, Byleth needs to inherit Windsweep 3 from another unit. This skill allows her to prevent counter attacks from beast units, as long as she has higher speed.

Is Skaven female? ›

The truth of the matter is that there are, indeed, female Skaven, locked away in the depths of the Under-Empire. Female Skaven serve no other purpose than to propagate their vile species, and they are only slightly conscious.


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