[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (2023)

Now that we've seen the best hunter exotics, aspects, and subclasses in Season of the Plunder, it's time to take a look at the best hunter builds currently available in the game. Arc 3.0 came with everything, but now that every subclass has been reworked, you can create amazing builds with every elemental subclass.

For this list, we will be considering PVE and PVP builds. We won't be using seasonal mods for any of the builds we'll mention, so they don't depend on them.

Note: It should be noted that while the new Hunter Exotic Gyrfalcon's Hauberk is a fantastic exotic, it has been disabled for nearly half of the season, and while a fix is ​​listed for mid-October, we don't believe it's a build trade worth being in. currently on the list.

5. Masked Killer Build (Best for PVP)

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (1)

Make your enemies relax with this build.

Construction details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZL0GF3dyqw&t=233s

(Video) Destiny 2 | This Hunter Build Makes You a FLAWLESS PvE GOD! Best Hunter Void Build in Season 19!

A very tactical subclass, Stasis excels in PvP. This build focuses on controlling the map and timing encounters with other Guardians. To achieve this, use the exotic Mask of Bakris, which increases your ecstasy evasion, speeds you up while using it, and grants extra damage from bow weapons and on frozen or slowed targets.

You'll dodge and use melee and grenades to slow down your enemies. This will give you an edge in 1v1 battles and help you achieve victory. The Super is powerful because it can scatter enemies, block their path, or lead them into a difficult corner.

Aspects increase overall build, as Touch of Winter boosts your grenades and Shroud of Winter slows down fighters. Touch of Winter also imbues your grenades with a Stasis Crystal, which benefits you in two ways: it reduces the damage you take when using the Whisper of Chains shard, and it increases your grenade's recharge rate when you smash it, if you have the Fragment Whisper Shards equipped.

What masked killers excel at:

  • Gain an advantage in encounters by slowing or freezing enemies
  • Control the map with grenades or the Super
  • Super is strong against traveling Supers

Construction details:

  • Subclass: Revenant
  • Super: Silence and bursts
  • Habilidades: Gambler's Dodge, Withering Blade e Duskfield Grenade
  • Aspects: Veil of Winter and Touch of Winter
  • Shards: Whisper of Chains, Whisper of Resistance and Whisper of Shards
  • Exotic Armor: Mask of Bakris
  • Weapons: Ark shotgun or SMG
  • Mods: Weapon Mods

4. DPS Solar Monster Build (best for PVE)

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (2)

Dominate your enemies with the power of your Super.

Construction details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t23xfxjnZGg

This build is all about getting high DPS and restoring your Super as quickly as possible. This build is particularly useful for Raids, Dungeons, and Grandmaster Nightfalls, where you'll face difficult bosses that need defeating.

(Video) This Nightstalker Perfected Build Is The Best Void Hunter Build In Destiny 2

You will be using Exotic Star Eater Scales for extra damage when you get 4 Energy Orbs after you Super Overcharge him for this build. You'll also be using your Armor Mods, Aspects, and Shards to try and get your Super-Fast back. You can also use the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle, which gives you Super Energy after each kill to speed up your Super recovery.

To recover your Super faster, you have two main options. The first option is to use Kinetic or Harmonic Siphon, which grants orbs after killing enemies with weapons, while the second option is to use Hands-On, which grants bonus super energy after melee kills. Secondly, Knock 'Em Down restores melee energy after melee kills while Radiant, and you gain Radiant after melee kills while the Ember of Fackels Fragment is equipped.

This build doesn't top the list because it serves a very specific purpose, but it might not look that good in general gameplay or PVP.

What DPS Solar Monster Build excels at:

  • This build gives you the best DPS you can get for hunters
  • You can still use your weapons for DPS because you are using up your Super very quickly.
  • You can recover your Super quickly

Construction details:

  • Subclass: Gunslinger
  • Super: Blade Barrage
  • Abilities: Knife Trick, Player Dodge, Healing Grenade
  • Aspekte: Knock 'Em Down, On your Mark
  • Fragments: Embers of Chant, Embers of Beams, Embers of Torches, Embers of Consolation, Embers of the Empyrean
  • Exotic Armor: Stareater Scales
  • Mods de armadura: Kinetic Siphon ou Harmonic Siphon, Hands-On, Font of Might
  • Armas: Whiterhoard, Bad Juju Pulse Rifle

3. Disorienting Attack Build (Best for PVP)

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (3)

Don't give your enemies a chance to breathe with this build.

Construction details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_TByboFIi8&t=458s

This is a very interesting build that relies on mobility, disorienting enemies and killing them before they can react. You'll use the good mobility that Arc 3.0 gives you and the exotic armor of Gemini Jester to pull the rug out from your enemy and charge in for the kill.

(Video) Destiny 2 | This Hunter Build MELTS EVERYTHING! Best Hunter Solar Build in Season 19!

If you dodge nearby enemies, the Gemini Jester will confuse them and remove their radar. To use this effectively, approach them with Blink, doge to confuse them and remove their radar, then kill them with a shotgun and melee. Your skills are important here as Blink is hard to counter, Gambler's Dodge restores your melee, and Combo Strike restores your melee if you kill the enemy.

You'll use Lethal Current on Aspects, which will increase your melee range, shake the target, and create an aftershock upon dodging. We're combining that aspect with the flow state you get after killing a destroyed enemy, which speeds up your dodge attack.

What disorienting attack builds excel at:

  • Aggressive play in PVP
  • Disorient enemies to gain an advantage
  • Regain health after killing the enemy with a melee attack

Construction details:

  • Subclass: Arcstrider
  • Super: book team
  • Abilities: Blink, Combo Strike
  • Aspects: Lethal Flux and Current State
  • Fragmentos: Ion Spark, Discharge Spark, Shock Spark e Focus Spark
  • Exotic Armor: Gemini Jesters
  • Armas: Bowshotgun e SMG
  • Mods: Quick Charge, Revive

2. Can't Touch Me Arcstrider (Best for PVE)

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (4)

Let them touch you if they dare.

Construction details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E4hbXrzKMM&t=361s

This compilation has been very popular in the community in the past, but especially since the release of Season of the Plunder. Arc 3.0 adds some new tools to Arcstrider's arsenal that allow for very powerful builds.

For this build, you'll be using a lot of Arc 3.0 verbs, so you'll be using a lot of jerk, blind, and amp. The loop consists of dodging nearby enemies to recover your melee, then dealing damage to enemies to shake and blind them. Killing a shaken target empowers you and increases the speed at which your dodge recharges.

(Video) THE BEST 3.0 HUNTER BUILDS (Arc, Solar, Void 3.0 Subclasses Destiny 2)

You can also make this build more secure by swapping the Liar's Handgrip for the Killer's Hood. While you lose some power as a result, you gain a lot of survivability.

What Can't Touch Me Arcstrider is characterized by:

  • Offensive PVE play style
  • Great loop and easy to process
  • Versatile if you trade Liar's Handshake for Assassin's Cowl

Construction details:

  • Subclass: Arcstrider
  • Super: Arc Staff ou Gathering Storm
  • Abilities: Gambler's Dodge
  • Aspects: Lethal Flux and Current State
  • Fragments: Spark of Resistance, Spark of Ion, Spark of Recharge and Spark of Feedback
  • Exotic Armor: Liar's Handshake or Assassin's Hood
  • Weapons: your choice
  • Armor Mods: Powerful Friends, Radiant Light

1. One with Nightstalker (best for PVE)

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Hunter Builds That Are Excellent (5)

No one will ever see you coming.

Construction details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTxLF2niixg&t=1s

While Arc 3.0 transformed Arcstrider from a weak subclass into a very useful one, it's hard to compete with the Void subclasses, which have long been a hunter staple and have become even more powerful with the release of their 3.0 versions.

This build focuses on stealth to maximize survivability in endgame PVE activities. We recommend that you use The Sixth Coyote and have high mobility so that you can almost always use your Dodge ability to turn invisible at will. This allows you to revive allies and retreat from battles if necessary. This resulted in some crucial saves in Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, and Dungeons.

You can use different exotics with this build. For example, trading The Sixth Coyote for Omnioculus will give you more survivability and a second smoke grenade; You can even wear Orpheus Rig to recover Super Energy and upgrade Super.

(Video) Destiny 2: Top 3 EASIEST To Use META PVE Builds! (ALL CLASSES)

What One With The Nightstalker excels at:

  • amazing survivability
  • Great for high level PVE activities
  • Grants invisibility to your team
  • You can use different exotics with the build

Construction details:

  • Subclasse: Nightstalker
  • Super: Möbius quiver
  • Abilities: Gambler's Dodge, Vortex Grenade
  • Aspects: Hunter's Escape Step and Ambush
  • Fragments: Echo of the Leech, Echo of Expansion, and Echo of Perseverance
  • Exotic Armor: The Sixth Coyote or Omniocular
  • Weapons: your choice
  • Mods de armadura: Reaping Wellmaker, Well of Tenacity e Font of Wisdom

That concludes our list. There are more builds to explore, as well as variations of the ones we're reviewing today. But they are the ones you can count on if you want to feel strong to remember the season. While there shouldn't be any major changes for next season, Bungie could make or break a build with a few sets in one of their TWABs. So keep an eye out for changes and updates for the upcoming season.

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