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Species locations
flying wyvern coral highlands

With the face, ears and wings of a bat, the tail of a pangolin, and a body that can explode like a puffer fish, the Paolumu is a fantastic creature. Covered in white fur with a pink face and rodent teeth, he also has a special air sac around his neck which, when inflated, allows him to hover above his enemy, attacking from above. He can also use the air stored in this bag as a weapon by blowing a strong wind at his enemies.

Strategy Paolumu

You'll find the cute creature triggering your scene in area 5. Initially, its attacks shouldn't be much of a problem. when he is mad,Paolumuit will suck in air to inflate itself and float above you. This can be frustrating for hunters who rely on melee combat. To solve this problem, bring a full set of Flash Capsules (3) with you, along with 10 Flash Bugs to craft additional ammo on the fly. This allows you to carry 13 flash bullets in total. A well-thrown flash pod will knock him out and deflate the air he brought with him. To really take him down, you can also equip your buddy with the bug flash device. Alternatively, you can try to hit him by jumping off ledges and walls, but this could take a minute and expose him to your attacks.

As for his attacks, he has few, one of which can be fatal for hunters with low defense. You will see this attack when it is inflated and in the air. The tip is when it goes over the hunter's head and slams them down, hitting you and dealing a devastating amount of damage. A simple turn at the right moment will allow you to escape with ease.

Other than that, his other attacks aren't much of a concern. Avoid the gusts of wind that he shoots and sucks in to make him lose his balance, as well as the tornadoes that he occasionally causes.

If you are really struggling, using theglaive bugIt effectively makes this fight much easier as you will be able to deal damage constantly.

See story mission:balloon trouble

Weaknesses Paolumu

Effective element(s) (from strongest to weakest)Fire(3), Thunder(2), Ice(1), Dragon(1)
Effective disease(s) (from strongest to weakest)Stun(3), Blast(3), Paralysis(2), Sleep(2), Poison(2)
Weak pointshead bag, neck
Breaks and SeparationsNeck bag, wings, body, tail

Paolumu Rewards

Here you will find all the information about the material obtained fromPaolumu, most of which can be used to makearmasmiarmor.

The frequency is related to the rarity of the items. 1 will be rarer than 5, etc.


You are guaranteed 1 Paolumu Scale in Low Rank Quest Rewards and 1 Paolumu Scale+ in High Rank Rewards.

All chances of falling taken away fromCall me.

carve Frequency Chance
Escala Paolo, Escala Paolo+**5, 5**36%, 34%
Piel Paolomu, Piel Paolomu+**4, 4**28%
Love Paolomu, Ala Paolomu**4, 4**21%
Paolumu Carapace, Paolumu Carapace+**3, 3**15%
Joia Wyvern1**2%
rewards Frequency Chance
Piel Paolomu, Piel Paolomu+**4, 4**27%, 26%
Escala Paolo, Escala Paolo+**4, 4**21%, 20%
Monster Bone L, Monster Sharp Bone**3, 3**sixteen%
Paolumu Carapace, Paolumu Carapace+**3, 3**15%, 14%
Nutritional Extract, Nutritional Extract (2)3, 3**12%, 14%
Cincha Paolomu, Ala Paolomu** (2)2, 2**9%
Joia Wyvern1**1%
Plunder Blade Rewards Chance
Escala Paolo, Escala Paolo +**43%
Paolumu Skin, Paolumu Skin +**35%
Paolumu Carapace, Paolumu Carapace+**22%
Bonus Rewards Bar Chance
Escala Paolo, Escala Paolo +**50%
Paolumu Carapace, Paolumu Carapace+**28%

research rewards

Low Rank Silver:

Award Chance
Concha Paulumu32%
Your Paula's Love (2)25%
paolumu skin18%
Nutritional Extract (2)14%
Paul Stairs (2)11%

Low Rank Gold:

Award Chance
Concha Paulumu36%
Love you Paolu30%
Paolumu Skin (3)14%
Nutritional Extract (3)12%
Paul Stairs (3)8%

Top Tier Silver:

Award Chance
Paolo Carazon+**32%
Calle Paolomu**23%
Paolumu Skin++ (2)14%
Nutritional Extract (2)12%
Paolo Balanza+** (2)11%
Joia Wyvern**8%

High Tier Gold:

Award Chance
Paolo Carazon+**30%
Calle Paolomu**24%
Joia Wyvern**sixteen%
Paolumu Skin++ (3)12%
Nutritional Extract (3)10%
Paolo Balanza+** (3)8%

Breakable and falling parts


These are the additional materials you can craft by breaking certain parts of a monster, and the additional rewards you're more likely to receive if you break the next one.

If a part is marked "carved", you can carve it if you break it. If it says "broken", you will get higher rewards when you complete the quest if it is broken.

part of the monster
Carve / Increased reward chance
broken neck bagPiel Paolomu, Piel Paolomu+**100%
broken wingsLove Paolomu, Ala Paolomu**100%
broken shoresPiel Paolomu, Piel Paolomu+**100%
broken tailPaolumu Carapace, Paolumu Carapace+**100%
discarded materialPaolumu Scale, Paolumu Shell50%, 28%
high rankPaolo's Scale+**, Paolo's Shell+**50%, 28%
cluesEscala Paolo, Escala Paolo+**100%

** indicates specific high-ranking items and information

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