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Which is Pv Evolution Labs best performance

Longi solar panels: expert review 2021

PV Evolution Laboratorieswith the support ofDNV GLindependently test the reliability of the solar panel. The tests are voluntary, and solar panel manufacturers pay to participate in the tests. This testing procedure is internationally recognized and is an accurate reflection of solar panel performance.

LONGi is considered the best in all 6 tests in the latest report.

Where Longi solar panels are manufactured

Most of the manufacturing takes place in China and is then shipped around the world. Longi, on the other hand, has factories in India, Vietnam and Malaysia. This is understandable because the labor force in these countries is much cheaper. And this is a significant reason why longi solar panels are so cheap. That doesn't mean they sacrifice quality. Based on their history, customer reviews and overall dedication to their craft, it is clear that they are committed to providing high quality green energy solutions to the general public.

They have offices in many countries, including Longi Solar Panels in Australia, Japan, USA and South Korea, and so on. Its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.

Which mount is suitable for Longi solar panels

When installing LONGi solar panels, you should pay attention to the place of installation and, in the case of roof installation, the roof material.

First, it is necessary to choose the most suitable and correct place for installing solar panels. If the type of grounding suits you, there are two types of grounding: standard grounding and pole mounting. Standard ground mounting uses a metal frame that is bolted into the ground to hold the solar modules. Pole mounting is considered the most reliable mounting type and can contain multiple panels.

If you plan to use the roof for laying panels, then you should think not only about the method of fastening, but also about the material of the roof. Most roofing materials are suitable for LONGi solar panels, with metal roofs being the best choice and slate roofs not being ideal.

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Longi Solar has certainly made great strides in recent years.

After being the world's largest producer of monosilicon modules, opened 20 years ago, in 2000.

Longi has taken the technology under its own brands to new heights and is quickly becoming known as one of the best solar panel manufacturers in the world.

For the past two years, they have.

  • It broke the world record for cellular efficiency. 3 times.
  • Number 1 in the world for Bloomberg list one.
  • They have gained a considerable reputation for providing inexpensive yet highly efficient solar panels.
  • Received a very high rating in independent DNV tests.
  • Passed the MAST test for the durability of the back panel.

The new Longi Hi-Mo X seems to be no exception to that.

It has an incredible 350 watts of power in the size of a regular solar panel. This puts it in line with more expensive brands like LG and Sunpower for high efficiency at about half the price of their competing power-class brands.

The solar panel itself also has an elegant design that is aesthetically pleasing. Its all black monochrome Tile design withblack framesit is definitely one of the most beautiful solar panels on the market today.

Longi also received CEC accreditationMASTER; MASTERprogram

This is given to solar panels that have passed additional tests such as DNV PVEL, the James Cook University cyclone test and a series of durability tests.

Very few panels have this distinction.

Longi 370w Mono Perc Solar Panel Review

Longi solar panels are good - SolarProGuide.com (1)

The LONGi 370w mono PERC panels are the specific panels we have experience with, so we will focus on them. This board has "PERC", which is really just a fancy name for passivated emitter return contact. For now, we can report that this board lives up to expectations, but it's also a game changer. It is the first large 300W standard size monochrome panel also at a price similar to polyethylene panels.

So what is PERC?It's hard for most people to imagine what it's all about, but let's try anyway. PERC improves the board's ability to capture more light near the back surface, extracting more energy. PERC was first developed by the University of New South Wales in 1983, so it has a lot to brag about! His approach has also proven to be the best way to achieve high efficiency. As a result, UNSW has used it to achieve several world records of close to 25%.

The LONGi 370w panel comes straight off the pallet and looks like the goods. A nice solid black 40mm bezel also holds everything together. However, you would expect the first level board to look like this.

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Why it is so important to use the best solar panel brands

What we keep repeating at SolarReviews is that solar panels last a very, very long time, 25 to 30 years to be exact. This is why it is important to buy solar panels of the following qualities:

  • Least likely to fail.

  • The manufacturer will honor its warranty if a malfunction occurs.
  • It was installed by a local solar company who will continue to operate if a failure occurs and perform the necessary tests to successfully submit a warranty claim to the manufacturer.

This third point is very important in practical terms and a good reason why it is not always wise to buy solar energy from the cheapest company.

How long is the warranty for Longi solar panels?

All LONGi solar panels come with a 10-year product warranty on materials and workmanship and an additional 25-year linear power output warranty. If you need to get in touch with LONGi solar, the representative office in the USA is always at your service.

To view warranty information, see the data sheet available on the product pages.

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And when you compare Longi and Jinko with high-end panels like LG or Sunpower

We also offer many high quality products such asLG, solar energyi Hanwha Qcell.

Whilethe power of the sunorLG solar panelsmaybe the best panels on the market, but they're just not up to par.everyone's budgetdue to the high price range.

If you consider your average system of 6.6 kw atMelbourne,BrisbaneorAdelaide,Sunpower or LG panels can cost $2,000 to $4,000 more than Longi orjinko solar panels. For many Australians, this may not be within their budget, even after solar rebates.

Even for those on a tight budget, the ROI won't be fast enough with these solar panels.

Also Longi and Jinko are producing a lot nowthe most efficient solar panels. As new technologies develop, they harness the wind and improve their solar panels. Hereis a list of the most efficient solar panelsem 2020.

For example, we have many clients who are looking for a two-year ROI recovery because they can relocateafter 5 yearsso why botherLG or Sunpowers25 year warranty??

Longi or Jinko can provide extremely fast ROI without too much compromise in quality. This is similarCanadian Sun vs. Jinkoalso

Longi production of solar panels

Good news Government has removed the tax on solar panels from 17% GST | The latest price of solar panels January 2022. Longi Trina

Longi Solar was the fastest growing solar power producer in the world in 2016 and has continued to grow rapidly ever since.

In 2019, it sold 7,394 GW of cells and modules, an increase of 23.43% compared to 2018. At the end of 2019, Longi reached 42 GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers and 14 GW of mono panel production capacity.

By the end of 2021, the company has reached 85 GW of monocrystalline silicon panels and 50 GW of solar module production capacity.

Longi is a member of "Silicon module super alloy” which is a small group of companies that make up most of the world's solar panel production.

Most of the company's production has been used in China, but the company is expanding into overseas markets and Longi solar panels are becoming an increasingly common sight on Australian rooftops. In 2019, its deliveries abroad increased by 154.59% on an annual basis.

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What types of cells for Longi solar panels are best

Monocrystalline solar cells are considered the best type of solar cells. They are made from a single crystal of silicon and therefore have a much higher efficiency and more elegant aesthetics compared to polycrystalline cells. Monocrystalline solar panels are known to be the most efficient solar panels on the market with an efficiency of over 22%. Thanks to their efficiency, monocrystalline panels are the most space-efficient panels and take up less space than any other solar panel. Also, monocrystalline panels are more durable and have a longer service life than polycrystalline panels. Monocrystalline silicon in a monocrystalline panel does not age and has stable characteristics throughout its working life, only elements that include silicon deteriorate over time. And finally, monocrystalline solar panels perform better in low light and perform better in hot climates compared to polycrystalline panels. Monocrystalline LONGi solar panels cost a little more than polycrystalline modules, but that gap has decreased recently, which makes monocrystalline modules a better choice.

Longi Himo4 Main sales points

  • Sizes 350W-380W
  • 25-year performance guarantee

Overall, HiMO4 is larger than HiMO3 and can produce more energy. It also comes with an additional 2 years of product warranty, which can go a long way. I would definitely be willing to pay a bit more for this solar panel.

I think it would be worth the money, not forgettingadditional efficiency of solar panelswhich can help you pay off your system faster.

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Which solar modules does Longi offer?

LONGi offers two main series of monocrystalline modules, the Hi-MO 4 Monofacial series and the Hi-MO 5 Bifacial series, butonly the Hi-MO Series 4 offers panels for residential use.

Bifacial solar panels are not practical for residential installations, but have gained popularity in recent years in commercial applications.

In the Hi-MO 4 series, you can choose between three models, with variable power and other features.

Some things to keep in mindwhen inspecting solar modules: ahigh efficiency for solar panelis anything above 21%, with 20% still excellent. In addition, the power of solar panels usually varies from275W to 400W after panel.

Jinko and Longi are the kings of fast ROI/payback time

Longi solar panels are good - SolarProGuide.com (2)

When it comes to paying off your system quickly, you have to give credit to Jinko and Longi. Both boards are kingsquick payback periods.

Now, if that is something you are looking for, I would recommend any of these solar panels as they are extremely affordable and perform well. If you compare the Cheetah and the HiMO4, you'll see that it might have a slight edge with the Longis panel.

It's a bit more efficient, meaning you'll get a small amount of extra power over a 15-year period compared to a Jinko Cheetah board. However, it is so small that it would not make a big difference. But you know what they sayMore energy means more savings.

In any case, these two solar panels will give you a very quick return on investment. They are perfect for homeowners looking to maximize their solar energy and take advantage of the solar panel discount available across Australia.

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How the Longi Solars warranty compares to the competition

LONGi Solar offers a 12-year limited product warranty for labor and defects and a 25-year performance warranty. The product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or changes caused by normal system use: the modules must be installed and used as designed.

Regarding the performance guarantee, also known as the power output guarantee, LONGi guarantees the panels for 25 years. At the end of 25 years, LONGi guarantees that the annual production of the solar panels will be at least 84.8% of their original solar energy at the time of installation. For most solar panel companies, the range is around 80% to 90% of original output, so this number is in line with the industry average.

Most top solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year product and performance warranty, LONGi only offers a 12-year product warranty.

You too can prepare your home for the future.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Not only will you generate more energy, which will lead to greater savings. You will also be preparing your home for the future. One thing that homeowners don't consider right now is how much energy they will use in the future. Think about it10 years agowe hardly had smartphones, laptops, deep fryers, smart TVs and all those extra gadgets. Fast forward to 2021, everyone in the family has a smartphoneElaptop. Don't forget playstation, VR, microwave ovens. All of this is connected at the same time and consumes energy. Device batteries are getting bigger and stronger year by year, which means they have to consume more energy to be fully charged. Homeowners use 10 times more energy than 10 years ago. Don't believe me? We have customers who aretheft systemswho are only 7-8 years old to install verya larger system that is scalableand may be extended in the future. There is only one way the world goes. It's digital. In 10 years we will be consuming the most energy ever, so it is best to invest in a system that is large enough to handle this expansion and still deliver savings in the coming years. I cannot stress this enough.Prepare your home for the future. Prepare your solar system for the future.

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Pros and cons of Longi solar panels


Value for money: 9

Overall rating: 8.7/10

While the vast majority of manufacturers produce polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels, Longi uses only mono-silicon solar cells to produce its solar systems.

Monosilicon boards have a single silicon crystal that provides more space for electricity to flow. So these solar panels have a higher conversion rate of sunlight unlike polycrystalline cells which have more crystals.

Longi offers high quality, reliable and affordable solar panels compared to other solar panels in the same price range. Brands like LG and SunPower cost almost twice as much as Longi and offer 1-2% more module efficiency than Longi. This means Longi offers better value and high efficiency modules for homeowners on a budget.

Energy degradation of Longi solar panels

fronus 3.6kw with longi 540 watt solar panels

With most of their solar panel models, the energy degeneration in the first year is less than 2%. LONGi solar panels are intended to provide quality products at a modest price, and to achieve that goal, a power degeneration of 2% is nothing.

From the second year to the useful life of the solar panels will lose a maximum of 0.55% of energy. There are models that have an energy degeneration rate of 0.45% per year.

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Longi holds several world records

Over the past decade, Longi has been at the forefront of setting new world records. Most prominently, in its efficiency of solar panels. Theyset a new world recordJanuary, but it has already been overcome.

However, it shows the position of Longis. This suggests that they are always improving their products. Furthermore, it will continue to reinvest profits in its business for the development of new and innovative technologies.

This is definitely good news for the industry as it raises the bar for everyone. Let's just hope the Longi keeps up the good work, and before you know it, I'm sure they'll be producing around 25-30% efficiency.

Longi solar panels: expert review 2021

Here is SolarReviews expert review of Longi solar panels for 2021. In this video, we will break down all the ratings Longi received in our expert rating system. This will give you the information to help you decide if Longi solar panels are the right option for you.

Solar calculator:

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In our channel of short, easy-to-understand videos, you'll see that navigating the solar process, from choosing the right installer to calculating costs and maximizing tax credits, is easy when you're equipped with tips, tricks and tools designed by the experts. sector.

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Longi solar panels 370w Lr4

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Longi has an impressive track record in research and development, has revenues of over USD 3 billion and has repeatedly held the world record for cell and module efficiency.

Longi panels are proven to be efficient and reliable in combination with affordable prices.

SolarPath offers the Longi 370W LR4-60HPH as one of our standard Tier 1 panels with half-cut cell technology, offering high module efficiency of up to 20.9% and better low-light performance.

  • 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty
  • Output power 370 W
  • High module conversion efficiency up to 20.9%
  • Slower energy degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology. All boards degrade over time. In the first year, the degradation is less than 2% and then 0.55% for years 2-25.
  • Resistance to solid panel degradation ensured by optimization of the solar cell process and careful selection of the module material list
  • Adaptable to harsh conditions and has passed salt spray and ammonia tests
  • Excellent low-light performance, average relative efficiency of 97.5% or better at 200 W/m2
  • Reduced resistive losses with lower operating current
  • Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature
  • Reduced risk of hot spots with optimized electrical design and lower operating current


Are LONGi solar panels good quality? ›

It comes with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. Overall, Longi performs much better than many other solar panels in the same price range and even competes with far more expensive models.

What is the ranking of LONGi solar panels? ›

LONGi, a world-leading solar technology company, has ranked once again in the list of photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers meeting Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)'s Tier 1 criteria as of Q1 2023, due to its high efficiency and high-reliability Hi-MO series products, stable business operation and strong ...

Is LONGi a Tier 1 solar panel? ›

Longi Solar is a Chinese company that is a tier one manufacturer of solar panels. They only produce monosilicon panels and may be the largest monosilicon solar panel manufacturer globally.

Which company solar panel is best? ›

The 9 Best Solar Panel Installation Companies of 2023
  • SunPower.
  • ADT Solar (Previously Sunpro Solar)
  • Blue Raven Solar.
  • Green Home Systems.
  • Elevation Solar.
  • Momentum Solar.
  • Palmetto Solar.
  • Tesla.
May 9, 2023

Which solar panel is best quality? ›

SunPower takes the top spot on our list. As an innovator among solar power manufacturers, SunPower holds over 1,000 industry patents and offers five lines of high-efficiency solar panels at various price points with maximum output ratings of 22.8% and a temperature coefficient of just -0.29% per degree Celsius.

Which is better Trina or LONGi? ›

Solar panel from Trina packs more power into the module. LONGi offers longer product warranty than Trina. LONGi has better efficiency at STC. Trina panels are heavier and slightly larger than LONGi.

What is the best solar panel efficiency in the world? ›

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient type of panel compared to polycrystalline and thin-film options. Monocrystalline solar panels deliver between 15% to 22% efficiency.

Is Canadian solar better than LONGi? ›

However Longi solar panels have a product warranty length of 15 years whereas Canadian solar panels have a 25-year warranty. So, in terms of warranty Canadian solar panels are better than Longi solar panels.

How long do Longi solar panels last? ›

The performance warranty for solar panels guarantees a maximum rate at which the solar panel will degrade over time. LONGi guarantees that their solar panels will degrade no more than 2% in the first year and then no more than 0.55% for the following 24 years.

Who are LONGi competitors? ›

Longi's competitors include D-ID, Voiceitt, Mightier, Replika. Longi ranks 121st among 513 active competitors.

Are Longi solar panels made in China? ›

Longi is a Chinese manufacturer of solar panels. Most solar panel manufacturers produce polysilicon solar panels and monosilicone solar panels.

How many watts is a LONGi solar panel? ›

Solar panel wattage range: 285 - 455.

Who is the owner of LONGi? ›

Li Zhenguo, male, Han nationality, was born in May 1968. He is the founder of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Who are the top solar panel suppliers in the world? ›

Leading Solar Panel Manufacturers in the World
  • Waaree Energies Ltd.:
  • Adani Solar:
  • RenewSys Solar:
  • Vikram Solar:
  • SunPower:
  • Panasonic:
  • Jinko Solar:
  • REC Solar:

Who is the number 1 producer of solar panels? ›

What country is the largest producer of solar panels? As noted earlier, China is the largest producer of solar panels worldwide.

Which is better Jinko or Longi? ›

Jinko has a slight edge over Longi with its N Type series solar panels that were launched in 2020. These have a 20-year panel warranty, as opposed to Longi's 12-year warranty, which also applies only to P-type panels and not N-type.

Which solar panels does Tesla use? ›

What brand of solar panels does Tesla use? Tesla uses Q Cells as its solar panel brand.

Who makes LONGi panels? ›

LONGi Solar was established in 2000 and is wholly owned by the Longi Group based in Xi'an, China, with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and throughout China.

Where is LONGi made? ›

LONGi has manufacturing plants in Mainland China, India and Malaysia, and has acquired production facilities from other companies, including from American manufacturer SunEdison.

What is the 100% efficient solar panel? ›

Monocrystalline solar panel efficiency

Monocrystalline solar cells are the most efficient and can be used for residential properties as well as commercial installations.

Is there a 100% efficient solar panel? ›

A panel with 100% efficiency can transform all the light that hits the panel into electrical energy. However, since solar panels cannot absorb energy from the entire solar spectrum, they cannot convert sunlight into electricity with 100% efficiency.

Is there a 30% efficient solar panel? ›

Thanks to the cooperation of researchers from various institutes in the Netherlands, the 30% efficiency barrier of solar panels has been overcome. This achievement will help increase the use of solar energy worldwide and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, says the press release of the organization.

Which is the high quality German solar brand? ›

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany for over 20 years.

What are the best months for solar panels? ›

The Sun's Angle & Length of the Day

As you can see, May and June are the peak months for solar energy production, as the sun is high and the length of the day is long, which means your panels will get more sun, and therefore produce more energy.

Do solar panels ever go bad? ›

Like any tool, solar panels get wear and tear from normal use. There are no moving parts, but chemicals can deteriorate and break down over time. Additionally, solar panels can be damaged by storms or debris.

What is the annual production of LONGi Solar? ›

The report shows that in 2022 LONGi has produced a total of 85.06GW of monocrystalline silicon wafers, including 42.52GW for external sales and 42.54GW for internal use, steadily ranking 1st in global shipments of monocrystalline silicon wafers for 9 consecutive years.

What is the manufacturing capacity of LONGi solar? ›

Furthermore, by the end of 2022, the production capacity for wafers, cells, and modules was expected to reach 550-600 GW.

What is the best solar company in China? ›

Coming in at number 1 is LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (also known as LONGi Solar), a Chinese company that specialises in the research, development, and manufacturing of solar photovoltaic (PV) products. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Xi'an, China.

Who are the better solar panels producers in China? ›

Suntech Power

The firm claims to develop, manufacture, and deliver the world's most reliable and cost-effective solar power solutions.

Who is the largest solar panel supplier in China? ›

Solar's Biggest Manufacturers

Longi is the largest wafer maker in the world, with about 105 gigawatts of capacity as of last year, according to BloombergNEF. It also had about 35 gigawatts of cell manufacturing capacity.

What voltage is a LONGi panel? ›

The LONGi HPH Series combines High Efficiency, Low LID Mono PERC cells with Half-cut Muti Busbar Technology to improve performance and boost production. This module series has a max system voltage of 1500V and is Fire Rated as Class C (per UL790).

Is 200 watt solar panel enough? ›

A panel of this size, with a good solar power bank, can run all your lights (LED lights), your microwave, even a toaster, and a coffee maker. A 200-watt solar panel can also run a small fountain, a laptop, and several chargers.

Is 180 watt solar panel enough? ›

A 180 Watt solar panel can be used to charge 12 Volt battery. If you already have an inverter battery at home, then you need to install solar panels of double the size of battery capacity to enable uninterrupted power supply.

What is the description of LONGi? ›

LONGi is a world leader in the clean energy transition. We provide a comprehensive suite of solar PV solutions that can optimize a wide range of project applications.

What is the history of LONGi company? ›

LONGi is named after the former president of Lanzhou University, Jiang Longji. His inspirational life story motivated Li Zhenguo and Zhong Baoshen to choose LONGi as the name of the company. LONGi was founded in 2000 as Xi'an Xinmeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In 2002, Xi'an LONGi Silicon Technology Co., Ltd.

Who is the vice president of LONGi? ›

Gulnara Abdullina, Vice President of LONGi Europe, participated in the ETIP PV - The European Technology & Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics Annual Conference in Brussels on May 10. Gulnara Abdullina highlighted the importance of innovation and scale for the development of the global PV industry.

Who is the largest consumer of solar panels? ›

Top Countries by Total Solar PV Capacity in 2021
  • China: 306,973 MW (35.8%)
  • United States: 95,209 MW (11.1%)
  • Japan: 74,191 MW (8.7%)
  • Germany: 58,461 MW (6.8%)
  • India: 56,951 MW (6.6%)
  • Italy: 22,698 MW (2.6%)
  • Australia: 19,076 MW (2.2%)
  • South Korea: 18,161 MW (2.1%)

What is the most bankable solar panels in the world? ›

Year 2021. In the year 2021, it's no surprise that LONGi Solar remained the top bankable solar module brand across the globe.

Who is the largest solar distributor? ›

Soligent is the largest pure play solar distributor in the Americas, supplying thousands of solar installers with equipment, engineering services, and project financing solutions.

Which is better Jinko or LONGi? ›

Jinko has a slight edge over Longi with its N Type series solar panels that were launched in 2020. These have a 20-year panel warranty, as opposed to Longi's 12-year warranty, which also applies only to P-type panels and not N-type.

Is Canadian Solar better than LONGi? ›

However Longi solar panels have a product warranty length of 15 years whereas Canadian solar panels have a 25-year warranty. So, in terms of warranty Canadian solar panels are better than Longi solar panels.

Who is the competitor of LONGi? ›

Longi's competitors include D-ID, Voiceitt, Mightier, Replika.

How long do LONGi solar panels last? ›

The performance warranty for solar panels guarantees a maximum rate at which the solar panel will degrade over time. LONGi guarantees that their solar panels will degrade no more than 2% in the first year and then no more than 0.55% for the following 24 years.

Which is better rec or sunpower? ›

Overview: Both brands offer high-quality solar panels. But Sunpower outperforms REC Solar in terms of performance, efficiency and warranties. Efficiency: Sunpower has the highest efficiency rating at 20.4%, although REC offers a decent maximum efficiency of 19.2% for its solar panels.

Is Canadian Solar better than Jinko? ›

Efficiency: Jinko solar panels have higher max efficiency ratings (19.48%) than Canadian Solar (16.80%). Greater efficiency means that Jinko solar panels can generate more power per square metre of surface area than Canadian Solar panels.

Which is better Trina or Jinko? ›

Both Jinko Solar and Trina Solar produce high-efficiency panels, but Jinko Solar panels tend to have slightly higher efficiency ratings. This means that Jinko Solar panels may be able to generate more electricity in a given amount of space, making them a good choice for those with limited roof or ground space.

How many watts is a LONGi Solar panel? ›

Solar panel wattage range: 285 - 455.

What country has the best solar? ›

China's solar prowess is staggering. With a whopping 392 GW, the country is the largest producer of solar energy in the world. In the first six months of 2022, the nation has deployed more than 30.88 GW of Solar PV systems.


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