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Closetmaid shelves have made it easy to maximize storage and make the most of your closet space. There are several different types of Closetmaid shelves with different weight capacities, and your standard closet shelves support 35 pounds per linear foot. Whether it's ShelfTrack hardware or traditional shelving, let's take a look at how much weight Closetmaid shelving can handle.

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One day not long ago, I was at my mother's house when I heard a loud crash. I ran to my closet where the noise was coming from and quickly noticed that the shelves had collapsed. Since then, we have had Closetmaid shelving. We installed it hoping the shelves wouldn't fall over again, but was that a good idea? Also, how much can these shelves hold?

For closet shelving, you can typically expect to store around 35 pounds per linear foot, unless you get the shelving with ShelfTrack Hardware. So you can maintain a respectable 75 pounds per linear foot. If you get the standard maximum load shelves, you can load up to 600 pounds per unit.

There are other important things to consider when trying to figure out whether or not your shelves will be able to support the required weight. If you're not sure which bookcase to use, this guide will help.

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How much weight can Closetmaid shelves hold? | improved home (2)

How much weight can Closetmaid shelves hold?

At least Closetmaid knows how to make a sturdy group of shelves. The maximum weight limit on each type of rack is as follows:

  • Standard maximum load rack.This type of shelf can support up to 600 pounds per unit, depending on the method of installation. This type of shelves is usually used in garages, as well asfreestanding wooden garage shelving
  • Closetmaid wire shelf with mounted hardware.This brings up to 35 pounds per linear foot. So if you have a shelf that is seven feet long, you can carry up to 210 pounds.
  • Closetmaid wire shelf with ShelfTrack hardware.This hardware reinforces your wire shelves, giving you a maximum weight of 75 pounds per linear foot.

Are Closetmaid Shelves Stronger Than Most Others?

There's a reason people tend to trust Closetmaid over other bookcases. Closetmaid is known for having high-quality shelves made of durable material capable of supporting more than normal weight. That's why you shouldn't bother with Closetmaid wire shelving, even though wire shelving has a dubious reputation.

What if I can't find the type of Closetmaid shelf I have on this list?

We managed to find several of Closetmaid's most popular shelving systems, as well as their maximum weight limits. The fact is that this is a company known for producing an extremely wide range of different shelves. They are always designing more too. So if you find a bookstore you like, check out the product specs.

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How much does the Closetmaid bookstore cost?

Price is always an issue, isn't it? Closetmaid is known for being relatively affordable.Closetmaid wire shelving can be as little as $30, plus the price of mounting hardware. If you're looking for wooden shelving, you'll want to pay a minimum of $50. Mounting hardware can cost anywhere from $6 to $10 per unit, depending on what you choose.

Does Closetmaid offer a warranty on their shelves?

Due to the nature of shelving and the tendency for people to overload their shelves, Closetmaid is unable to offer a viable warranty on its products. However, this is pretty standard when it comes to wall mounted shelving.

Shelves aren't the only thing that can break.

The thing to remember when choosing shelves is that the actual construction of the shelves is only part of what they can carry. If you are using a wall mount system, you will need to think about how much weight your wall studs can support. Here's what you need to know before you buy shelves:

  • Shelves are only as strong as their mounts.Regular fixed mounting hardware won't do much in terms of providing security to the walls of your home. If you have standard wall brackets, you should be cautious and assume that your bookshelf will support the lesser of the two.
  • If you need a strong support, choose a specialized support.Specialized wall brackets are the easiest way to increase the maximum load of the cabinet shelving you want to achieve. If you want to keep the Closetmaid series, you should consider getting the ShelfTrack hardware.
  • The cabinet mounts should match the type of shelf you have.For example, you may not be able to get a maximum load bracket to work with your wire shelves.

Should I Get Wall Mounted Shelves?

The wall shelf is the most popular type of shelf for closets and garages, and it is a good choice for those who need to save space. As you can see, a good wall-mounted shelving unit can easily carry several hundred pounds of clothing, making it a good choice for most storage-hungry people.

The thing is, that amount of storage is great if you want to carry common household items. However, there is a limit to the capacity of your pegs and shelves. Even Closetmaid has its limits. This is why you should consider buying floor shelves instead of wall mounts for heavier loads.

When should you look for stronger storage?

While Closetmaid is a trusted brand, there is a lot of truth to the brand name. Closetmaid is a brand that usually focuses on closet storage solutions. If you're looking for shelving for your garage or workshop, there's a good chance Closetmaid doesn't have what you need outside of the Max Load series.

To make sure you don't hear a loud bang in the middle of the night, you may need to look for companies that make specialty shelving for garage storage. Some of the well-known brands for this category of shelving include NewAge (for complete garage storage systems), Honey-Can-Do, and HDX. You can also get custom garage shelving capable of supporting large amounts of weight if you're willing to splurge.

Another option to consider is to store your heavier items on the floor and then use Closetmaid shelving for lighter loads. This helps reduce the amount of space you need to store everything, but also prevents you from marring the structure of your shelves and causing them to rot. Your walls and shelves will thank you.

Are Closetmaid shelves worth it?

Closetmaid shelves are wonderful, but they're not for everyone. If you're looking for a heavier type of storage system, the Closetmaid might not be for you. However, that doesn't mean you can't use them. You can take a few extra steps to reinforce the shelves so they can hold more. Also, be sure to install them in a solid area of ​​the wall, such as inside the wall studs.

If you don't install them correctly, they won't be of any use to you and could end up falling off, which could break your stuff, depending on what you're storing in that area. However, Closetmaid is one of the best brands out there. So it's up to you to figure out exactly what you need and compare your needs with Closetmaid's shelves to see if they're right for you.

Related questions

How much weight can wire shelves hold?

Wire shelves are made to hold around 80 pounds of storage. However, if you have something like the EZ Rack, it's heavy-duty and made of steel. This shelf can support up to approximately 200 pounds without securing the shelf to wall studs. Not to mention, EZ Shelf Heavy Duty Garage Shelves can support up to 250 pounds total!

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¿Es mejor Rubbermaid o Closetmaid?

Rubbermaid are great if you want an easy install as they are easier to install than Closetmaid. Closetmaid's shelves fit, but are very narrow and difficult to fit correctly. Rubbermaids, on the other hand, are easier to slide on and also lock into place. the downside is that Rubbermaid is more expensive than Closetmaid.

How heavy can a shelf be?

A shelf can weigh anywhere from 25 pounds to over 300 pounds, depending on the type of shelf. For example, a shelf you install in your closet probably won't weigh more than 10 pounds. Whereas something like an industrial size shelf will weigh 200-300 pounds.

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How much weight can Closetmaid shelves hold? | improved home (3)

our last opinion

If you're looking for quality wall shelves for a closet or pantry, you can be sure Closetmaid will have you covered. Their standard shelving kits allow you to store hundreds of pounds with standard mounting kits.

If you want better storage capacity, we highly recommend getting the company's specialized mounting kits. They help carry more load than a typical mount.

As much as we're fans of Closetmaid, we have to admit that garage storage isn't her forte. If you're looking for heavy-duty garage storage picks, you'll have to choose another brand.

HDX and Honey-Can-Do offer some impressive storage devices made specifically for shops and tools. That being said, most people will find that the Closetmaid will do the trick pretty well for most things in their home.

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