[Full Guide] Building Knight Enchanter in Dragon Age Inquisition (2023)

dragon age inquisitionis a single-player role-playing game developed by Bioware. The team has a lot of experience with RPGs, having created one of the biggest names in the industry known as Mass Effect and have worked on other franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog. Dragon Age is a great series because of the story, the gameplay, and the interactions you can have with your party members. The appeal of any RPG is that there are multiple classes you can choose to fight against. This guide will tell you how to maximize the potential of the charming knight build.

Levels and Skills

You want to be in the 25-30 range to ensure you are high enough in level to be able to equip many of these skills at once. You should consider that they will improve any spell and weapon you have.

This means that you must first choose the armor and weapons you have, and then decide what abilities you want to use on your character. Some abilities may end up being useless depending on your equipment.

barrier ability

The barrier ability is one of the most important abilities you can have for any character. Create a shield for your character that allows you to absorb a lot of damage. This ability is good if you intend to cast a lot of buffs on yourself and your party members. With proper armor and proper use of this ability, you will take almost no damage.

The cooldown is the biggest concern you should be concerned about. Even if you are going to use it early in the battle, the cooldown can still put you at a disadvantage for the rest of the battle.

static cage

A static cage is a great offensive spell that you can use against other enemies. This will damage enemies and paralyze other enemies trying to break out of the cage. Your party members can do a lot to make sure you deal a lot of damage in that short amount of time.

The cage is only active for 2 seconds, but that can make a world of difference if you're someone who wants to plan a boss battle. Having the right stats or a great weapon will really help you in this regard.

ice armor

Ice Armor is a great defensive spell that is great to use or just to reduce damage in general. Ice armor ensures that whenever you are near a frozen enemy, you can reduce the damage they deal to you, which will make a big difference over time. Even without this effect, use cold magic to protect yourself in general and reduce physical attacks by 50%.

This can really help you if you want to set up a tough boss fight and want to make sure the soldiers don't get in the way.

Want more wizard builds? Check our post formore wizard buildsstrategies.

Flash point

Flashpoint is a spell that everyone should have because it is such a great ability. Allows you to have no cooldown for any spell when critically hit. A critical hit is likely to occur as long as you are a fighter who relies on physical attacks.

(Video) Dragon Age Inquisition - Class Build - Knight Enchanter - In-Depth Guide!

This ability ensures that there is an aspect of randomness to the entire battle. Even when you feel like you are on the ground in battle, you can get critical points and be blessed by that battle. Flashpoint can be the difference between making a claim win in battle or having your party destroyed.


The fade step allows for evasive tactics which can come in handy when dealing with an enemy much more powerful than you. The ability allows you to use magic to create invisible images of yourself to use on your enemies. This is good if you need to retreat and heal your party so they don't go down during the battle.

There are plenty of uses that you can use offensively as well. Maybe you want to lure your enemies to a specific point on the battlefield and deal massive damage to all of them.


The crafty cap is one of the best options you have when it comes to using the build to its full potential. The head part increases your cunning stat so you deal more critical damage. This really helps your Flashpoint ability because it ensures there are no cooldowns the next time you use an ability.

The excellent Critical Chance Ring is also a nice item to use in your battles. This will increase your critical stat by 10%, giving you an advantage when attacking hard.

Do you need better armor? here is onebest armor listYou should consider using it for more power!


The Brutal Deadly Scepter is one of the best staffs in the game when it comes to using high damage spells. It has a great electricity stat which is useful for the static cage spell.

This will not only do a lot of damage, but also ensure that enemies can't get out, and your party members will deal a lot of damage to them. It gives you a huge bonus when it comes to critical damage when you do this. There is also a chance that you can automatically set a spell for one of your party members if they are within 8 meters.

(Video) Dragon Age: Inquisition - Knight Enchanter Build: Elementalist God

Dragon Whisperer Skill Tree

Common Knight Enchanter Build abilities include Amplified Blade, Combat Clarity, Uncloaking Blast, Defense Blade, Disruptive Field, Enduring Cloak, Vanishing Cloak, Vanishing Shield, Stasis Lock, and Veiled Response.

With the most recent changes to Spirit Blade, the Knight-Enchanter specialization has been significantly transformed. However, it is still very powerful. Now, instead of using Spirit Blade all the time, you should only use it when you have high Spirit Blade charges (90+), as shown in the tooltip above your ability bar.

You will spend charges using Spirit Blade, so you will need to replenish them more often. Among the most exciting classes, Dragon Age Inquisition can offer the Charming Knight.

The Knight-Enchanter can be a tank, mage, support, and melee DPS. With the special equipment and abilities listed below, he will have the ability to max out his build to its most productive state.

These builds work with both the Inquisitor and Vivienne. However, it is recommended to use this on Inquisitor to get the most out of it. To become a Knight-Enchanter, you must complete the Knight-Enchanter quest.

The quest begins by talking to Commander Helaine in the Skyhold courtyard after finishing the Arbiter's War Table Operation specializations.

You need to collect 3 Wisp Essences and 10 Lazurites from the three listed locations. These are not random drops though, but drops from your three specific enemies.

After collecting the above tools, you should find the Spirit Edge hilt in an "Inspect Requests" bench.

Make a fist to wield a spirit sword, read the methods required to wield the sword, and Commander Helaine will reveal the mysteries of the Knight-Enchanter specialization. Choose core strands in;

  • old road
  • Chorous Pinnacles
  • Granite Point at The Fallow Mire

1. Spirit Sword

To create charges with the new spirit sword, you need to deal damage with a spell or a normal staff attack. Each instance of damage will give you five orders (10 with the Amplified Blade upgrade), up to 99 charges.

For this reason, abilities like Energy Barrage are needed for this build, as it is used to attack multiple times.

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You make a solid sword of magic to perform melee attacks against nearby enemies, bypassing their barriers and guards. These are some of the Spirit Blade's stats;

  • Spirit Damage: 150% weapon damage
  • Bonus: 100% against guard and 100% against barrier
  • Cost: 10 mana
  • Unlock Amplified Blade, Defender Blade, Vanishing Cloak, and Clarity of Combat.

You can mod Spirit Blade to Defending Blade, which makes you deflect incoming projectiles. Additionally, it directs a shockwave of energy towards the opponent and Amplified Blade, which is used to charge up your Spirit Blade faster but can expend all the charge when you hit an enemy.

2. Faded Layer

Arm yourself with the Shrouds spell, which makes you temporarily invulnerable and passes through enemies unscathed. Its duration is 2 seconds, Cooldown 12 seconds and it costs 20 mana.

You can modify the fade of the layer with Decloaking Blast. This is capable of destroying an enemy with massive force if you are able to re-materialize within it, and Enduring Cloak, whose responsibility is to extend the length of the Vanishing Cloak subject to how low the charge on your spirit blade is.

3. Interrupt field

You fill an area with magical energy capable of slowing and weakening your enemies. Enemies larger than the field are immune.

  • Speed ​​reduction: 50%
  • Area of ​​effect: 3 meters
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Cost: 65 mana.

You can modify the Disrupt field through Statis Lock, which can add a speed reduction to those caught in its Disrupt field, and Charged Disruption, which gathers energy for your Disrupt field when enemies within the field take damage.

4. Revival

Resurgence is a mage skill from the Knight Enchanter Build specialization. Resurgence is a type of focus skill that heals you and your allies. Focus fuels this ability.

It operates in a radius of 5 meters and its duration is 10 seconds.

5. Clarity of combat

While the chaos of combat may scare some, it's a comfortable pace for you. Your mana can regenerate faster when you are near hostile enemies.

Unlocks Resurgence and Shield Vanish.

  • Length: 5 meters
  • Mana regeneration rate: 50%.
  • Constitution upon unlock: +3

6. Shield fade

You draw energy that your enemies release in your attacks against them. Any successful attack strengthens your barrier. The more damage you deal, the stronger your barrier will grow.

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Fade Shield desbloquea Resurgence y Fade Shield.

  • Barrier: 30% of damage dealt
  • Magic when unlocked: +3

7. Veiled response

As long as you have a barrier active, enemies that attack you will take damage in return.

  • Returned Damage: 20%
  • Magic when unlocked: +3

8. Knight Protector

You are an expert in defensive magic and the barriers you create naturally take longer to break down.

  • Barrier Damage Reduction: 35%
  • Constitution upon unlock: +3

Unlocks the interrupt field.

Path of the Charming Knight

Way of the Knight Enchanter is one of three quests an Inquisitive Mage must complete to gain a new specialization.

Commander Helaine will reveal the secrets of the Knight Enchanter specialization as you craft a hilt to wield a spirit sword and study all the methods required to wield the sword.

After completing the Ashes main quest and moving to Skyhold, a Specializations war table op applies for the Arbiter. By completing the procedure, you unlock the specialization missions.

Three potential trainers will arrive in the Skyhold for the Arbiter to select a specialization. First, Commander Helaine teaches the Knight-Charming specialization.

The power of the charming knight

When the power of the Charming Knight is combined with the right spells, you create a character strong enough to kill anything in the game, including Dragons. If the skills and abilities are mapped correctly, Vivienne can do it comfortably.

So if your character and Vivienne follow the path, they can destroy everything in their path, even on the most challenging difficulty levels. Other companions will be just jockeys.

(Video) 5 overpowered Knight-Enchanter builds for Dragon Age Inquisition!

The Knight Enchanter build can be one of the best abilities in the game if you know how to use it correctly. There are many classes in Dragon Age that allow the player to use the best and most satisfying options they see fit.

Looking for more for the team? Are hereTop list of the best Dragon Age team.

The enchanting knight build allows the player to deal large amounts of damage as a mage and still be able to buff their own party members. There are many pieces of armor that work to improve the stats you have, which works great for your abilities. More than anything, it's satisfying to be able to plan an entire boss fight using this build and have it work properly.


How do you get the Knight-Enchanter in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

If you have recruited Vivienne, you can find the book near her in her room in Skyhold. If you haven't recruited her, the book can be bought from the book merchant in Val Royeaux. You'll need to collect the Wisp Essences yourself in The Fallow Mire.

Where do I get Knight-Enchanter methods? ›

Writing on Knight-Enchanter methods can be obtained from the table near Vivienne in Skyhold or from Willvan in Val Royeaux; reading it unlocks Codex entry: Way of the Knight-Enchanter.

Can Knight enchanters use swords? ›

Detailed principles and examples of command follow. Knight-Enchanters are part of the select few mages who can use melee attacks by summoning a sword from thin air, which is also capable of deflecting projectiles.

Can Knight-Enchanter tank? ›

Knight Enchanter is basically a tank specialization with extremely useful shield passive which regenerates barriers everytime you deal damage. Spamming Spirit Blade practically makes you invincible. Spirit Blade + Dispel And Mind blast + Fade Cloak with Decloaking Blast (1000 Weapon Damage)= Winz.

Which race is best in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

For some players, it is all about the culture of the races. If you like the idea of living in the woods and worshipping a pantheon, then being a Dalish Elf is probably the best choice for you. If you want to be part of a strict caste system and live underground, then a Dwarf is definitely the best idea.

Where is the First Enchanter in Dragon Age Origins? ›

First enchanters routinely congregate in the city of Cumberland, at their College. There they elect a new Grand Enchanter every few years. First enchanters traditionally wear black robes.

Where do I get wisp essences? ›

  • Randomly looted from Fade rifts.
  • Looted from pure wisps in the Fallow Mire, see side quest Way of the Knight-Enchanter.
  • Randomly available for purchase from Barnabus in Val Royeaux for 20. (infinite amount). Note: Requires the Short List Inquisition perk.

What is the best weapon for a knight? ›

The Two-Handed Hammer is the best weapon for Knights in Chivalry 2 because it lets the player take full advantage of its capabilities.

What is the strongest enchanted sword? ›

Every Minecraft Sword Enchantment, Ranked
  • 8 Smite.
  • 7 Knockback.
  • 6 Sweeping Edge.
  • 5 Fire Aspect.
  • 4 Unbreaking.
  • 3 Looting.
  • 2 Mending.
  • 1 Sharpness.
Oct 3, 2022

Is Vivienne A Knight-Enchanter? ›

Vivienne is an optional party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a mage who specialises in the Knight-Enchanter path, which uses the spirit blade ability for a close combat mage playstyle.

How do you become a rift mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Once you have all the ingredients, you'll need to craft a Tome of Rifts at a requisitions table. Deliver it to Your Trainer to resolve the quest. Her location is not marked on the map but she, like the other trainers, stands near the front gate of Skyhold. Afterward, you can choose to commit to being a Rift Mage.

Can you sleep with Morrigan in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Once you get close to maxing out Morrigan's approval, she will confess her feelings and trigger a romantic scene in which the two of you sleep together. Once the scene ends, a relationship will be established and you have now romanced a Witch of the Wilds.

Can you have two romances in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Multiple Romances

You can flirt with as many characters as you wish (subject to their preferences), but as you complete storyline milestones, multiple suitors may confront you and ask you to make a choice. This is most apparent just before The Final Piece storyline quest.

Who can the Inquisitor marry? ›

Cullen and Sera can marry the Inquisitor in an on-screen wedding ceremony during the Trespasser DLC.

What is the strongest class in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Rogues are by far the best class in Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are two types: dual-wield rogues, who work with daggers, and archer rogues, who work with bows and arrows. The former are better for close-range attacks and the latter are better for range attacks, but both deal rapid, repeat damage.

What is the weakest race in Dragon Ball? ›

Dragon Ball: The 5 Races With The Strongest Transformations (& The 5 Weakest)
  1. 1 Weakest: Caterpy's Race.
  2. 2 Strongest: Saiyans. ...
  3. 3 Weakest: Yardrats. ...
  4. 4 Strongest: Frieza Race. ...
  5. 5 Weakest: Earthlings. ...
  6. 6 Strongest: Majins. ...
  7. 7 Weakest: Zarbon's Race. ...
  8. 8 Strongest: Kaioshin. ...
Oct 11, 2020

What is the weakest dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

The Northern Hunter is the weakest dragon in the game so if you have progressed through the many story enough to access Crestwood so should be able to fight the dragon.

How many bookshelves does the Enchanter need? ›

Bookshelves. Placing this around an enchanting table will allow you to get higher tier enchantments. 15 bookshelves will max out your enchanting table.

What does the first enchanter drop? ›

The first enchanter is an ancient enchanter that can be encountered during ancient hunts with the minimum offering of the following runes: This ancient resides within an Arch Haven–themed arena and has at least the following enchantments: Critical Hit.

How do you set up an enchanter? ›

To set up an Enchanting Table in Minecraft, players must first have a total of 15x Bookshelves. Put a row of 5x Bookshelves behind the table, 4x Bookshelves rows on each side, and two in the front. Ensure there's a block of space between the Bookshelves and the table.

How do I find the easiest wisp? ›

To find wisps quickly, use the flying Braviary mount at night, which allows you to scope out the areas quickly. The render distance for wisps is actually pretty far, so you'll see them pretty clearly at night, even if you're far away.

Where can I farm wisp blueprints? ›

The good news is that all four of the Wisp blueprints drop from defeating the Ropalolyst on Jupiter. You need to gather one for the overall body (simply known as the Wisp Blueprint), followed by her chassis, neuroptics, and systems. Each has about a 25% chance of dropping at the end of every mission.

What boss drops wisp? ›

Wisp blueprints drop from the new Ropalolyst boss fight located on its own node on Jupiter. To access the Warframe boss fight, make sure you first complete “The Chimera Prologue” story mission. Just check your codex terminal on the ship!

What are the cleanest knights weak to? ›

Cleanrot Knight Weaknesses

The Cleanrot Knight is highly susceptible to Fire damage and somewhat weak against Lightning damage. Thus, players should implement one or both when facing this optional boss. Doing so is possible through weapon skills, spells, and items capable of inflicting Fire or Lightning damage.

What 3 star weapon should I keep? ›

White Tassel is probably the best 3-star Polearm. It has a Critical Rate substat, which can be extremely useful for players transitioning to mid-game. At level 90, it offers a 23.4% Critical Rate. Other than that, at refinement Rank 5, White Tassel provides a 48% increase in Normal Attack damage.

What are knights weakness? ›

Summary of the knight's weaknesses

Knights are slow which means they can't move from one side of the board to the other side quickly. Knights are vulnerable to threats from pawns and pawns can easily drive knights back (unless the knight finds a safe square that can't be attacked by a pawn.)

What is the most legendary sword ever? ›

1. Excalibur: The Most Famous Legendary Sword. Arthur Pendragon, ruler of the Britons, was said to have drawn this legendary sword from a stone and anvil when no one else could — at least in most tellings of the legend.

What is the most cursed sword? ›

What is the most cursed sword in the world? The Muramasa is a Japanese Katana sword known as cursed and demonic. It is a real historical sword surrounded by terrifying legends and stories.

What is the most op sword? ›

Cutting Edge: The 15 Most Powerful Power Swords
  • 5 THE SWORD.
Feb 13, 2017

Does looting give more XP? ›

Looting is an enchantment for swords that can cause mobs to drop more items and increase the chances of rare drops. The additional drops do not affect experience.

Which exotic sword is best? ›

Black Talon is one of the strongest Exotics in Destiny 2. It combines the high damage of Swords with the safety of most ranged weapons. While this weapon is a rare drop in any activity, Black Talon provides a level of damage and safety that no other Sword can match.

Can Vivienne become divine? ›

By the end of the game, a new Divine is elected, and it all depends on the actions of the players. There are three potential candidates for the role of the next Divine: Leliana, Cassandra, and Vivienne, if players chose to recruit her.

Is Vivienne useful? ›

Story and personality aside, Vivienne can be amazing in combat depending on how the player builds her. Her class, Knight Enchanter, has the potential for crazy DPS output. Unlike other mages who need to maintain distance, Vivienne can be a force of destruction up close.

Is Cassandra Pentaghast a princess? ›

Cassandra was born a princess but, of course, on her own terms, right from the beginning. She was born en route—literally in a carriage—between Cumberland and Val Chevin, to Lord Mathias and Lady Tigana Pentaghast (perhaps my favorite names in all of Dragon Age).

What is the strongest dagger in Dragon Age Inquisition? ›

For dual-wield rogues, the best dagger is the Stone Stalker Blade. This schematic requires the Descent DLC and can be found as a random drop in the Deep Roads. Next Best Thing: Blade of Red Birth, purchased from the Black Emporium with a price tag of 8478 gold.

Can you be an arcane warrior in Dragon Age Inquisition? ›

By receiving the memories from the phylactery, you unlock the Arcane Warrior specialization for the mage as well as 250 XP. In order to unlock the specialization, interact with the phylactery.

Is the Blade of TIdarion good? ›

Hitting multiple enemies can help charge spirit blade faster. TIdarion isn't as good as the very best staff, but its good enough and fun for a knight enchanter.

Who is the strongest mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Dragon Age: The 8 Strongest Mages In The Franchise
  • 8 Avernus.
  • 7 Danarius.
  • 6 The Inquisitor.
  • 5 Morrigan.
  • 4 Magisters Sidereal.
  • 3 Corypheus.
  • 2 Solas.
  • 1 Flemeth.
6 days ago

Can you become a Blood Mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

There is technically no blood magic specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The writers thought that doing it properly it would require a lot more reactivity than other specializations, which would be detrimental to other content.

What is the best mage build in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Fire Necromancer Mage Build

Pairing Necromancer skills together with Inferno is the best choice because fire spells cause burning (another DoT) and Wall of Fire benefits from the 15% bonus damage to panicked enemies passive in the Necro tree.

How do you unlock specializations for the inquisitor? ›

The Inquisitor can only learn one specialization. Specializations will be unlocked after the first set of repairs is made to Skyhold, when the war table operation Specializations for the Inquisitor becomes available.

Where is First Enchanter Irving? ›

Irving is the First Enchanter of the Circle of Magi's tower in Ferelden, Kinloch Hold.

Can you recruit enchanter Ellandra? ›

She can be recruited as an agent for the Inquisition any time after completing the side quest My Lover's Phylactery. Note: Recruiting Ellendra after completing In Hushed Whispers may potentially require conscripting the mages instead of allying with them.

What is the max level in Dragon Age: Inquisition? ›

Dragon Age: Inquisition. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the maximum level for player-controlled characters is 27, which is reached at 791,384 experience points.

What is the best specialization for the Inquisitor? ›

If you're looking for the most AOE damage and control, then Rift Mage is your best spec choice, as it has the most AOE abilities. If you want to play in melee range like a warrior or a rogue (and be overpowered), then Knight-Enchanter is a fun option.

How many specializations can the Inquisitor have? ›

Every class in Dragon Age: Inquisition can learn one of three Specializations, in addition to the four ability trees. These specializations can let a character further customize their style and attack methods, allowing for more diverse combos and attacks.

Can you save Jowan? ›

Is possible save Jowan and Connor in DA:O ? To your first question: Yes, you can save both Jowan and Connor. You first have to complete the main quest Broken Circle and side with the mages before you head to Redcliffe.

Can you send Jowan into the fade? ›

If the Warden elects to seek the help of First Enchanter Irving to enter the Fade instead, Jowan can be chosen to go into the Fade and will confront and kill the demon. Jowan will be imprisoned by Bann Teagan after offering his help.

Who voiced first Enchanter Irving? ›

Dragon Age: Origins (Video Game 2009) - Steve Blum as Oghren, First Enchanter Irving, Gorim - IMDb.

Why won't Enchanter Ellendra join? ›

Enchanter Ellendra

At first, she will resist joining the Inquisition. The player needs to bring Vivienne in their party or have the Arcane Knowledge Inquisition Perk to convince her to join. She will be recruited under Connections.

How do I convince Enchanter Ellandra to join? ›

Before returning Enchanter Ellandra's phylactery to her, it is recommended to have Vivienne among your party members, then give her the phylactery and invite her to join the Inquisition, as she disappoves at first, select the conversation option [Vivienne?], Vivienne will convince her to join.

How do you recruit belette? ›

East Road Bandits is triggered by speaking to Recruit Belette northeast of the crossroads. As long as you follow the dirt road, you'll find her. She'll inform you that there are some bandits ahead, and you'll see their area in a purple mist on your map.


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