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Lycanthropy noElder Scrolls onlineadds another approach to playing the game in an immersive and interactive way, giving the player customization that can be turned on or off depending on the circumstances. Undoubtedly, taking on Hircine's curse of lycanthropy gives the player some major benefits to their character.

With great roleplaying potential and the ability to make its effects on the character completely unnoticeable outside of the transformation, there's a lot of versatility in terms of when and how to use the werewolf line of abilities inTHAT. Furthermore, all werewolf abilities can be used to great benefit, and this is important as you only have access to werewolf abilities while transforming into one.

When you turn into a werewolfTHAT, you need to fully rely on it for the duration, and with a little customization it can be extremely powerful in both PVE and PVP content. That's why we created thisTHATWerewolves Guide - to help you get started on your quest!

ESO Werewolf Guide: How to Become a Werewolf at ESO

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (1)

The quick and easy way to become a werewolf is simply by purchasing the "Werewolf Bite"crown shopfor 1,500 crowns, which will grant your character the werewolf skill line immediately.

However, there are two other more complicated options that can be added to the adventure of becoming a werewolf that don't require you to pay anything.

Other players who are already infected with lycanthropy gain a passive ability called Blood Moon that allows them to inflict lycanthropy on other players once every seven days. This must take place in a specific werewolf ritual location which can be found in each zone corresponding to your alliance, which are Bangkorai (Daggerfall Covenant), Reaper's March (Aldmeri Dominion) and The Rift (Ebonheart Pact).

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Once you're at one of these ritual sites, try asking in the area's chat for a werewolf bite, and often a player in the area will drop by to give you the curse, allowing you to begin your quest for the one. Homem wolf.

Werewolf Ritual Rift Map:

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Map of the March of the Grim Reaper of the Werewolf Ritual Site:

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (4)

Werewolf Ritual Site Map Bangkorai:

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If you can't get any bites after thatTHATwerewolf guide, you can also look for werewolves at night, but they must be in these specific zones, as other werewolves in the game do not spread the disease. You'll want to get hit by these werewolves as many times as you can to increase your chances of catching the disease from one of them. This can take a while and doesn't guarantee you'll make it even after the werewolves damage you in these zones, so it's best to wait for a friend, guildmate, or friendly stranger.

Remember, you don't have to pay other players for this and you shouldn't either, as it's taboo to ask for money in exchange for a werewolf or vampire bite. In the past, people would camp in areas with werewolf NPCs so that only they could transfer the disease to other players for a high price, so the community banded together and ended that by offering those bits for free.

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The Hircine's Gift quest will start after you get bitten by a werewolf in the shrine and hire Sanies Lupinus, where you'll read an ancient scroll on the altar to enter The Hunting Grounds. If you hire him from an NPC, you'll need to talk to Thoreki to start the quest to get the werewolf skill line.

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Once inside Hircine's hunting grounds, you must kill a beast worthy of Hircine's praise, which will be one of the largest creatures in the area. Once the quest is over, you'll gain the ability to transform into a werewolf, which you can decide to keep in the front bar, back bar, or not.

Note that unlikevampirism not THATLycanthropy has no permanent effect on your character while you are not transformed, so you can choose to play however you like. Now that you have lycanthropy, you will need to level up your werewolf abilities when transforming. We suggest testing both morphs to see which one best suits your playstyle, as their usefulness depends on whether you're playing as a DPS, tank, or PVP.

Explaining werewolf abilities and which one to use

When you transform into a werewolf, all you have access to use for the duration are other werewolf abilities. Keep this in mind if you're using sets that require the use of a specific skill, as you won't be able to cast them after transforming. Due to this restriction, most werewolf abilities are balanced to be quite useful regardless of the setting. In this next section ofTHATguide to the werewolf, we'll explain each skill and detail its main uses below.

1. Werewolf Transformation: Pack Leader/Werewolf Berserker

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The final werewolf is very strong, it works as an AOE fear initially for three seconds. You remain a werewolf from the end for thirty seconds, but this duration can be extended with other abilities and passives that we'll discuss later. While transforming, your maximum stamina is increased by 30%, and simply by having it docked, your stamina recovery is increased by 15%. Sets that provide a lot of extra resistance, like Hulking Draugr (from Direfrost Keep), pair well with this buff.

The Morph Pack Leader is more geared towards tanks, as you take 10% less damage, summon two direwolves to fight for you, and grant you and nearby allies lesser Courage, increasing the damage of your attacks. weapons and spells at 215. Werewolf Berserker is the other morph he focuses on for DPS, giving his light attacks high bleed damage and also causing his heavy attacks to deal 50% area damage.

2. Leap: Brutal Leap / Wild Leap

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This ability is your initiation tool, allowing you to leap towards enemies from a distance of 5 to 22 meters. After the first cast, you can cast again as another skill called Carnage, which causes the enemy to bleed for ten seconds, but deals 450% more damage to enemies below 100% health.

The most useful morph, Brutal Pounce, deals bonus damage to nearby enemies, and the second cast deals damage in a cone, increasing weapon damage each time you apply it to an enemy. Feral Pounce is the other morph that isn't as effective but has the nice bonus of restoring stamina and extends your werewolf transformation every time they deal damage.

3. Hircine's Reward: Hircine's Wrath / Hircine's Fortitude

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The only werewolf ability that costs magicka, Hircine's Bounty heals you when you lose maximum health. At full health, the skill changes to give you a certain amount of stamina. The other added benefit of this skill is that it increases brutality when engaged, increasing weapon damage by 20% at all times.

The Hircine's Rage morph is the most dangerous option, as it gives you Major Berserk, which increases your damage by an additional 10%, but also causes you to take 5% more damage. Taking 5% more damage from all sources can be devastating, so be careful when choosing this morph. The other morph, Hircine's Fortitude, is more useful in most cases, as it increases the amount of initial healing and also increases health and stamina recovery by 5%, up to a maximum of 333 additional recoveries for each.

4. Roar: Fierce Roar / Deafening Roar

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The Werewolf's Crowd Control ability, in addition to the initial fear at the end, Roar fears up to six nearby enemies for four seconds, knocking them off balance for seven seconds as well. You also gain increased savagery while socketed, increasing your weapon's crit by 2629.

The Ferocious Roar morph increases the speed of your heavy attacks, while Deafening Roar reduces enemies' physical resistance by 5280 with Major Fracture and reduces damage dealt by 5% with Minor Maim for 10 seconds. If you don't have access to a party member applying Greater Fracture, Deafening Roar is probably the form you'll want to choose.

5. Piercing Howl: Howl of Despair / Howl of Agony

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The werewolf's spam deals massive damage and 10% more damage to enemies in front of him.

Howl of Despair grants a synergy to allies that empowers them, increasing damage dealt with light and heavy attacks by 40%, which is a great option for tanks. The other morph, Howl of Agony, does 25% more damage to enemies facing you or feared, which will aim for the best possible DPS.

6. Infectious Claws: Claws of Anguish / Claws of Life

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Dealing AOE cleavage damage in front of you deals physical damage initially and disease damage that persists for ten seconds. Enemies hit with the initial hit are affected by the sick status effect, placing them in a smaller bubble, reducing healing received by 8% for four seconds.

Claws of Angust Morph also places Great Desecration on enemies, reducing healing received by an additional 16%. Claws of Life is the best upkeep option as it heals the player over time for 100% of the damage they deal over time, meaning you will heal for ten seconds for every enemy hit by the DOT disease.

werewolf passives

Next in ourTHATwerewolf guide let's discuss skills and passive skills.

All of the werewolf's responsibilities come together to make the werewolf a force of nature. All passives except Blood Moon (which lets you convert other players) need you to be in werewolf form to be active. The only benefit you'll get from being a werewolf other than being transformed is having the maximum in your gauge, giving you that 15% stamina recovery bonus.

His first passive, Pursuit, increases your movement speed by 30% and increases resistance return from heavy attacks by 50%. Chasing enemies is very easy because of this, as is getting around in general. Note that if a friendly NPC sees you, you will receive a reward, as residents of Tamriel are not very accepting of werewolves.

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (13)

Devour gives you the ability to devour corpses to increase the duration of your transformation and restore your health. Each corpse can be eaten for four seconds, with each second giving you an additional three seconds of werewolf time, as well as restoring 8% of your maximum health as well. After every fight, you'll want to devour at least a corpse or two to maintain your werewolf form.

The Blood Rage passive also increases the duration of your werewolf transformation by four seconds when you deal damage, and can trigger every five seconds.

Blood Moon allows you to infect other players with lycanthropy every seven days, which must be performed at specific ritual locations.

Savage Force increases your weapon damage by 18% and grants you great resolution, increasing your physical and magic resistance by 5948, helping you deal a lot of damage and take a lot less.

Finally, the last passive, Call of the Pack, reduces the cost of your werewolf transformation by 10% for each transformed werewolf in your party, including you, up to a maximum of 40%.

In general, these passives combine to make werewolves strong and robust, giving them the ability to remain in werewolf form for extended periods of time.

werewolf food

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The only provision item that specifically affects werewolves is the drink called Pack Leader's Bone Broth, which is a delicacy that can be obtained during the Witches Festival that takes place in October.

It can also be purchased from a guild merchant or traded for another player. By increasing your stamina by 4620 and health by 5051 for two hours, the transition from transforming into a werewolf is also reduced by 5%. With no other reductions applied, the final werewolf costs 325, so this drink helps bring the cost down by about 16 points, making it easier to transform. That said, this isn't the most useful drink, and there are other food options that provide better resources, such as Roasted Rabbit with Vegetables (or equivalent), which provides 4936 Stamina and 5395 Health.

Disadvantages of lycanthropy

that would not be completeTHATwerewolf guide if we don't also discuss the disadvantages of lycanthropy.

The main disadvantages to keep in mind when considering lycanthropy mostly revolve around the inability to use abilities other than those available in the werewolf skill line.

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (15)

While all werewolf abilities are powerful, some armor sets require the use of specific abilities that cannot be performed while transforming. You can always cast these abilities before transforming, but they eventually wear off and it can be frustrating being in werewolf form when you really need to use one of your normal abilities. Fortunately, you can keep your werewolf ult in the front or back bar for the extra 15% stamina recovery bonus, and none of the other werewolf skills take up space because they only appear when you hit them.

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You will get the maximum benefit frombe a stamina-based DPSof being a werewolf, as there aren't as many core skills you'll need to cast as a tank or healer might need access to.

For werewolf tanks, you won't have access to a taunt while in werewolf form, so you might want to consider getting the Banished Cells Tormentor set. Each time you deal damage with a charge, jump, teleport, or pull ability, you gain 3642 physical and magical resistance and provoke the enemy to attack you for 15 seconds. This works great with Pounce, and especially its Brutal Pounce morph, as it counts as a jump and also does AOE damage, provoking entire groups to attack it. This can be very useful because even normal tanks don't have access to AOE taunts, so the torturer set is the only one that can give you this buff of quickly taunting large groups of enemies.

There are minimal options for playing a magic-based werewolf, and a healer would be next to impossible, which is a sad drawback, but it also wouldn't make much sense to see a werewolf with a restoration staff.

Curing lycanthropy

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (16)

Before going to cure the lycanthropy you gained after thatTHATwerewolf tab, remember that you can simply remove the last of your skill bars and you won't get any negative effects from having it. Unlike vampirism, lycanthropy has no liabilities that affect you simply for having the disease, so there's no incentive to remove it unless you're planning on becoming a vampire.

The Mages Guild in the zones you get lycanthropy from will have a member named Prelate Sabinus who will give you the option to cure your lycanthropy, similar to how you would cure vampirism. You pay a small fee (it will cost 693 gold if you are fully leveled in CP) and then you will heal yourself.

Don't worry about losing your skill points as any investment in skills/passives will be refunded. The experience in these leveled skills will carry over, allowing you to revert back to being a werewolf with all your skills already at max, if you choose to face lycanthropy again.

UnfortunatelyTHATit doesn't allow you to simply reactivate your lycanthropy whenever you want, so you'll have to follow the same methods used above to initially get it. There is also a cure option in the crown shop for 800 crowns, but it is so easy to get the cure in another way and for so little money that we suggest not going for this option.

Werewolf race/class tip

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (17)

Werewolves are strongest on stamina characters and excel on DPS-focused characters. Tanking is also a very viable option given that the Pack Leader ultimate is used and you use the Tormentor armor set to help keep enemies from taunting you. Races that provide extra resistance and weapon damage are ideal for werewolves who focus on DPS, such as: Wood Elf (2000 resistance), Redguard (2000 resistance), Imperial (2000 resistance), Dark Elf (2000 resistance, 258 damage from weapon), or Orc (1000 resistance, 258 weapon damage).

ESO Werewolf Guide Recommended race: Orc

My personal pick for the best werewolf race is Orc.

Weapon damage, small resistance bonus, 2125 health recovery every four seconds when dealing damage, and 10% increased speed bonus when sprinting along with its 12% cost reduction all come together to make a fearsome Hunter and agile. For tanks, you should target Imperial or Nord for their health and stamina bonuses.

Recommended class from the ESO Werewolf Guide: Sorcerer

Choosing a class for a werewolf can be difficult, as many of the passive classes are disabled when you don't have them in your skill bar. The best one to choose is Sorcerer as they have more passives that still affect your character in werewolf form.

The Power Stone reduces the cost of ults by 15%, which is very useful for getting your expensive werewolf ult. Unholy Knowledge reduces Stamina and Magicka costs for all skills. Energized increases your physical and shock damage by 5%. Width increases damage dealt against enemies by 1% for every 10% health they have. Finally, Capacitor increases your magic recovery by 10%, which is useful for casting Hircine's Bounty.

All these passives together help your werewolf form hit harder and give you more ability to cast abilities without worrying so much about your resources.

Current Status of Werewolves at ESO

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (18)

Werewolves are in a decent place ino patch Flames of Ambitioneven though they've been nerfed to have lower resistances and heal for less than Hircine's Fortitude. Even after being nerfed, they still feel very strong in both PVE and PVP due to their high damage, high defense, and ability to fight single targets and large groups of enemies with their diverse team.

Also, having the flexibility of being able to fully operate normally without using ultimate werewolf and then switching to using it can be very effective depending on the situation. Since you don't have to worry about any negative passives when out of werewolf form, you can more easily navigate sticky situations without having to readjust your entire playstyle every time a tough fight arises like you would as a vampire.

You are likely to see large packs of werewolves in PVP despite the aforementioned nerf as they are quite powerful in numbers with their combo damage and group passives beneficial to each other.

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general lycanthropy inTHATIt's in pretty good shape overall, but should mostly be used when the situation calls for it. It's very powerful in the right hands in PVP and can help speed up fights in PVE.

ESO Werewolf Guide: Everything You Need to Know | HGG (19)

Become a high level player

Werewolves are a real threat when used correctly, fending off large groups in PVP arenas and crushing wave after wave of enemies in PVE. We hope you can see for yourself after following this one.THATwerewolf guide

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