Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

old ringIt comes with an excellent variety of classes that players can choose from based on their personal needs, such as Astrologer, Bandit, Samurai, Confessor,Tramp, and many more. Classes are based on player choices, combat requirements, damage, and many other reasons. Players may need help with theElden Ring Astrologer Constructionif they choose the Astrologer class. If you are looking for generalThe best buildings in Elden Ring, we have an article for that too.

Between herelessonshe liesAstrologerclass, which is more mage-focused and very accessible for players just learning to navigate the game. An astrologer build mainly focuses on a high investment in personnel likearmas, Intelligence and Mind as attributes. these rightspellsincrease overall damage output and kick players up. Let's buckle up and see what we're up to.

You can continue reading the guide or watch our video on Compiling End Game Intelligence.

LoscastorsecoAccumulateIt's perfect for players who want to destroy enemies and keep a safe distance from them. The Astrologer Mage build allows players to equip certain spells in their arsenals that will strengthen their weapons and allow them to destroy even the darkest enemies.

Astrologer Class in Elden Ring

One of the best starting classes inold ringis the astrologer that many people prefer to use if they want to play as a mage in the game. Astrology class is about witchcraft.charmsand spells. Additionally, they rely heavily on using spells and staves as weapons.

They deal damage using magic attacks and you won't see much melee action while playing as an astrologer. However, many builds infuse weapons and enchantments to get the best of both worlds.

Also, the astrologer has a great mind and intelligence. They also have someabilityand they start at level 6 of the game. Your starting weapons include a sword, a staff, and a smallshield.

Keep in mind that classes in Elden Ring will already determine your starting gear and stats; however, as you progress through the game, you can change your account depending on your preferences and the style of play you are looking for. Among the ten classes in Elden Ring, the Astrologer is one of the most popular.

Starting Armor for Astrologers

If you choose Astrologer as your starting class, you will already have basic armor equipped. most of the time they are just cosmetic items. When playing as an Astrologer, you will receive the following starting armor in the Elden Ring.

  • The Astrologer's Hood
  • astrologer's cloak
  • astrologer gloves
  • astrologer pants

Starter kit for astrologers

By choosing the Astrologer as your starting class, you'll already have some equipment on how to get started in Elden Ring. Since you won't get good weapons early on, it's best to make the most of these items. Below is all the equipment you will receive when starting out as an astrologer.

  • team of astrologers
  • short sword
  • Glinstone's Arch
  • shiny stone pebble
  • wooden deed shield

Starting Elements for Astrologers

If you choose Astrologer as your starting class, you will receive the following legendary items.

  • Any souvenir depending on the player's choice
  • memory of grace

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Attributes for the Astrologer build

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (1)

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For thisElden Ring Astrologer Construction, players are advised to focus on two primary primary stats and also look to invest in two secondary stats; here they are.


In the first place,Intelligenceis one of the main attributes to be investigated. Players need to cast spells, which is the main purpose of astrologer builds. Intelligence essentially governs and controls spellcasting weapons and how players can benefit from them.

Spells that scale with intelligence will be greatly improved with the help of intelligence points, and players receive constant magic resistance during their time on the battlefield.


Another key attribute that players should consider isMindinvestment. Mind deals with focus points and how players can interact with their FP. Focus points are counted as "mana" or a source from which players can cast spells and equip specific abilities to their weapons. With the Astrologer build, casting spells is crucial to increasing damage output.

(Video) Elden Ring Astrologer Class Guide - How to Build a Mage (Beginner Guide)

Therefore, players need to invest in mental points, as the higher the investment, the stronger the adventurer's spellcasting skills and the more powerful he will be on the battlefield.


In secondary statistics,Resistanceis completely concerned with how players can consume or save energy during a difficult battle. To get the most out of their battle time and gain victory, players need to invest in Stamina and increase their overall health.

This will allow them to work longer. Stamina also governs "Equipment Charge", allowing players to wear heavier armor, wield more powerful weapons, and perform stronger while facing more formidable enemies.


Finally,Vigorhe takes great care to ensure that the player does not lose his HP. in the heat of combat, if the player starts to lose their Health Points, they can find themselves in difficult situations, so invest a little in Stamina to increase their HP, which ensures that adventurers stay alive while fighting opponents.

Players will accumulate more substantial hits from enemies and gain an advantage.

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Best weapons to build astrologers

To take full advantage ofElden Ring Astrologer Construction, players can equip one of threebest weapons, which come with their perks.

astrologer's staff

Firstly, theastrologer's staffis a solid option for players comingold ringRight now. The staff is excellent for Astrologers, whose goal is to take down enemies and kill them quickly. Team Scale with Intelligence andForce, allowing adventurers to play the strongestspellsnecessary to eliminate opponents.

The team itself focuses on Sorcery's output, made explicitly for mages; players can aim for consistent damage output with more powerful spells. The physical damage combined with the sorcery stat allows for significant sorcery damage to deal with enemies, disposing of them with style and gaining victory.

The Astrologer Scale Staff with C Intelligence and E Strength is the first choice as starting equipment for players who choose the Astrologer class.

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Physical damage25
magic damage0
fire damage0
light damage0
holy damage0
Critical damage100
sorcery damage166
physical guard25
magic guard15
fire guard15
light protector15
sacred guardian15
reinforcement guard15

Brightstone Staff Lusat

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (2)

Next, players who have been playing for a while will need a strong mid-game coaching staff, and theBrightstone Staff LusatIT IS. With the Staff itself scaling mostly with Intelligence and Strength, it allows stronger spells to be cast which helps tremendously when casting spells quickly at opponents and knocking them down.

The staff's passive allows sorcery powers to be greatly enhanced, but as a side effect, it will consume additional focus points. Players can wield this weapon and cast powerful spells that will stun and knock down enemies, which is necessary to achieve victory during brutal combat.

Scaled to B Intelligence and D Strength, Lusat's Glintstone Staff is an excellent choice for mid-game players. The staff can be upgraded with forgestones, each of which improves sorcery damage.

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Default +1195
Standard +2211
Default +3227
Standard +4243
Standard +5259
Standard +6275
Default +7291
Standard +8307
Standard +9323
Standard +10339

Azure Glowing Stone Staff

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (3)

For late game players, you might want to consider theAzure Glintstone Staff🇧🇷 Being one of the highest ranked weapons and with incredible damage output, it is the necessary weapon to defend against difficult enemies andbossesfaster The Azur Glintstone Staff scales with intelligence that aims to help players cast stronger spells that help in battle and combat.

The staff's passive allows adventurers to wield the weapon and cast spells and spells repeatedly, allowing them to deal consecutive Sorcery damage and win the battle. The staff scales with B Intelligence and D Strength, so players can choose to invest in them for additional damage. See below for update stats.

Default +1180
Standard +2193
Default +3206
Standard +4220
Standard +5233
Standard +6246
Default +7260
Standard +8273
Standard +9286
Standard +10300

Best astrologer build armor

Lucarian Striped Sorcerer Set

Among the three armor sets we'll mention inElden Ring Astrologer Construction, aLucarian Striped Sorcerer Setit is essential for astrologers who want a lightweight set that offers excellent defense against physical and magical damage. Necessary for astrologers who have invested in Intelligence Points, it consists of the Raya Lucarian Robe, Sorcerer's Headbands, Sorcerer's Leggings, and Karolos Glintstone Crown. Also, be sure to checkThe best armor in Elden Ring.

(Video) The Most Powerful Mage Build In Elden Ring (Get OP EARLY) | Ultimate Astrologer Guide

Corona Karolos Glintstone

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (4)

LosCorona Karolos Glintstonetakes the crown for increasing the adventurer's protection against all types of blows and magical damage. It is adorned on top of the player's head. Although it looks gorgeous, it can increase the player's intelligence by three and allows for increased immunity and stamina.

It can be used by female and male players and quickly change its appearance. The only side effect is a bit of reduced stamina. Take a look at the damage negation and resistance stats below.

denial of damages
Physical damage4.4
hit damage3.1
damage cut5.2
piercing damage4.8
magic damage4.4
fire damage4.5
light damage3.4
holy damage3.8

Toga de Raya Lucarian

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (5)

LosToga de Raya Lucarianit is an essential component of a player's protection. A dark red and blue robe adorned around the adventurer's waist and torso can increase the players' intelligence, granting instant protection against the opponent's spellcasting such as elemental damage, including magic damage, fire damage, light damage, and holy damage.

Cloak is considered lightweight and easy to use, with close attention paid to Vitality, Focus, and Immunity Resistance. Watch out for the damage negation numbers below. complements theElden Ring Astrologer Constructiontwelve.

denial of damages
Physical damage5.3
hit damage6.1
damage cut6.1
piercing damage2.7
magic damage13.5
fire damage12.6
light damage12.4
holy damage12.8

sorcerer keepers

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (6)

LosRaya Lucarian Manchettesthey are a rather odd piece of gauntlet; Rather than being metal, these are pieces of fabric that wrap around the arms and extend down to the components. Once equipped, they will deal minimal physical and elemental damage and can protect you from opponents' attacks for a while.

Although it is considered the weakest among the pieces of thewizard set, it is still suitable when combined with any outfit. This greatly helps the player to cast difficult spells and fight enemies. Here are the stats:

denial of damages
Physical damage0,8
hit damage0,5
damage cut1,0
piercing damage0,7
magic damage1,5
fire damage1.7
light damage1,0
holy damage1,5

Lucarian striped leggings

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (7)

LosLucarian striped leggingshelps players with personal protection and increased resistance against Armor Up, Focus and Death. Greater emphasis is placed on protection from Light, Magic, and Fire when opponents unleash these elemental attacks on the adventurer. Gaiters are worn around the legs and improve overall safety.

Light leggings will not contribute much towards the Equip Load limit, making it easier for players to wear leggings.

denial of damages
Physical damage1.7
hit damage1.1
damage cut2.1
piercing damage1.4
magic damage4.2
fire damage6.4
light damage2.8
holy damage5.6

Snow Witch Set

Moving forward, we have thesnow witch setin our arsenal, which focuses on protecting players and helping them emerge victorious as they try to dominate their enemies. The set is intended to help players while protecting their health points and allowing adventurers to stay alive longer. The collection consists of the Snow Witch Hat, Snow Witch Robe and Snow Witch Skirt.

snow witch hat

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (8)

Lossnow witch hatis a beautiful helmet that promises to protect players from all types of elemental and physical attacks aimed at players by their enemies. The hat itself is quite light and seeks to increase the player's concentration and resistance to vitality. At the same time, it still focuses on other types of Resistance.

The hat has a constant negation of Holy, Light, Fire and Magic damage, as seen below.

denial of damages
Physical damage1.8
hit damage2.1
damage cut2.1
piercing damage1.4
magic damage4.6
fire damage4.6
light damage4.6
holy damage4.6

Snow Witch's Robe

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (9)

Moving forward, theSnow Witch's Robeis considered breastplate armor. It is adorned on the adventurer's torso. Protects the player from punches, punches and physical damage thrown by opponents. It also focuses on increasing Vitality and Focus resistance while also taking care of Immunity and Stamina resistance.

The Snow Witch Robe won't add much to your Equip Load and is perfect for spellcasters as it allows you to attack enemies while staying protected. Armor focuses heavily on elemental protection, as seen below in the table.

denial of damages
Physical damage5.3
hit damage6.1
damage cut6.1
piercing damage4.2
magic damage13
fire damage13
light damage12.8
holy damage13

Skirt Snow Witch

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (10)

Instead of the traditional leggings and pants, theSkirt Snow Witchtakes the form of a skirt to protect players in thisElden Ring Astrologer Construction🇧🇷 Worn around the legs and extending to the feet, it allows players to launch deadly attacks against their opponents while protected by the power of spells and mages.

denial of damages
Physical damage3.0
hit damage3.4
damage cut3.4
piercing damage2.3
magic damage7.4
fire damage7.4
light damage7.3
holy damage7.3

Alberich ensemble

Moving forward, theAlberich ensembleis another set of armor that matches perfectly with theElden Ring Astrologer Construction🇧🇷 Its main objective is to maximize the potential and damage output of Sorcery spells and protection of the adventurer. It is considered a strong candidate for use during heavy combat.

Alberich's Pointed Hat

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (11)

Alberich's Pointed Hatworks together with the rest of his family to protect the adventurer during battles against the toughest fighters, allowing greater personal protection and a constant increase in the line of defense against elemental damage such as Fire, Light, Holy, etc.

Focus is also placed on increasing resistance against Focus, Vitality and Immunity. See below for more details:

denial of damages
Physical damage1.8
hit damage1.4
damage cut1.8
piercing damage1.8
magic damage4.6
fire damage4.2
light damage4.4
holy damage4.6

Robe of Alberich

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (12)

LosRobe of Alberichit gets the job done by being worn around the player's torso and protects against all types of throws thrown by the enemy that are aimed at the stomach. The armor also focuses on increasing Thorn Sorcery, allowing the player to deal more mage damage to enemies and take them down with ease.

(Video) OP IN ONE HOUR - Astrologer Elden Ring Beginner's Guide - Three Minute Game Pass

denial of damages
Physical damage5.3
hit damage4.2
damage cut5.3
piercing damage5.3
magic damage12.8
fire damage11.9
light damage12.4
holy damage12.8

Braçadeiras from Alberich

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (13)

Braçadeiras from Alberichare a piece of lightweight gauntlet that should be worn on the adventurer's hands and arms and will provide protection during the heat of the moment on the battlefield. The focus is on negation of physical and elemental damage and resistance against all types of damage, as seen below.

denial of damages
Physical damage1.3
hit damage1,0
damage cut1.3
piercing damage1.3
magic damage3.2
fire damage2.9
light damage3.1
holy damage3.2

Alberich socks

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (14)

Alberich socksare long pants adorned on the player's legs and provide ample protection from enemy throws with the aim of reducing players' HP. Pants are a must for any skilled combatant with constant protection from damage.

denial of damages
Physical damage3.0
hit damage2.3
damage cut3.0
piercing damage3.0
magic damage7.3
fire damage6.8
light damage7.2
holy damage7.3

Astrologer Build Talismans

Moving forward, adventurers can feel the benefits if they have something solid.talismansin your arsenal, as they can offer many offensive buffs that can increase overall damage output.

Radagon Icon

LosRadagon IconIt's vitalLuck charmwhich aims to support players in theirElden Ring Astrologer Constructionproviding a certain amount of offensive buffs in battle. Radagon Icon's main passive allows players to cast their sorceries and spells at a faster pace so they can launch attacks faster.

This is due to the Radagon Icon's ability, which passively reduces the time it takes to cast a spell.

Erdtree's Favor

LosErdtree's Favorit is useful for players who want to dominate the arena. Its main purpose is to help players by improving their overall HP, which allows adventurers to stay alive longer while fighting enemies. Erdtree's Favor also increases players' overall stamina, allowing them to sprint across the battlefield to get more hits.

Equip Load has also been increased, allowing players to cast more spells and wear heavier armor, which will give them the ability to rack up more hits and ultimately emerge victorious.

Medallion of Cerulean Amber

Medallion of Cerulean Amberis aimed at players who want to get the most out of theElden Ring Astrologer Construction🇧🇷 The talisman will grant players a bonus to their focus points, totaling 6.5%. FP essentially governs a player's ability to cast spells and the amount of energy they can require.

The stronger the talisman, the better the spell cast; therefore, having the Cerulean Medallion in your arsenal is important. Players can significantly benefit from getting their hands on the +1 and +2 versions of the talisman, which can grant them even higher FP.

Spells to build astrologer

Subsequently, certain spells offer adventurers specific benefits, such as increasing their damage output, offering different healing properties, increased resistance, and spells that can be cast or equipped with staff-based weapons; Listed below are the sixbest spellsFor theElden Ring Astrologer Construction.

Swiftflash Stone Fragment

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (15)

One of the most valuable.witchcraftfor the astrologer to build is theSwift Glintstone Shard🇧🇷 When casting the spell, adventurers can launch a projectile with the aim of hitting the opponent, obviously repelling them and increasing the damage done to the enemy. Photos are uploaded withmagic damageand deals consistent overall damage. Swift Glintstone Shard requires players to invest in intelligence points to cast the spell.


Another significant spell to have in your arsenal isComet, whose purpose is to help players during brutal combat against enemies. The spell's passive lets you launch a comet that can hit opponents, lowering their HP and rendering them useless. The attack can be launched repeatedly, greatly increasing the damage done. Players must invest 52 Intelligence points to use the Comet spell.

Great Arch of Loretta

Loreta is greatarcoThis will greatly benefit players when facing their opponents as when the spell is cast it drops a bulge that can shoot arrows at opponents who are equipped with magic damage and becomes more powerful the longer the spell lasts. bow. Players must invest 26 intelligence points to make the most of the bubble.

beeper cutter

Loscutting researchis essential for theElden Ring Astrologer Construction🇧🇷 Players can cast a magic sword that will constantly deliver sweeping slashes to opponents when casting the skill. Deals a significant amount of magic damage, rendering enemies useless and helping players gain victory while in the arena. The spell has a low cooldown, meaning players can recast it and players must invest at least 14 intelligence to take advantage of the period.

blue pipe

Elden Ring Astrologer Build: The Ultimate Guide (16)

blue pipeis the spell that allows players to launch a huge comet that will fall from the sky and aim at the enemy's head. Once thrown at the head, it will deal a significant amount of magic damage and greatly reduce the enemy's HP. This spell is useful when players need extra support while fighting enemies. Follow our complete guide dedicated toblue pipe.

The requirement to cast the skill is 60 Intelligence Points.

fundamental meteor shower

Lastly, thefundamental meteor showerallows players to cast the spell and wreak havoc on their enemies. Upon releasing the spell, he will release a large amount of star beams that will continue to deal large amounts of magic damage and destroy stronger enemies. The spell itself needs 52 Intelligence Points.

War ash suitable for astrologer construction

Moving forward, there are somewar ashesthat will benefit the players of theElden Ring Astrologer Construction, as Ash of War allows players to equip them with their compatible weapons and increase their physical and elemental damage. here are the twobest war ashto use.



the ashes of warGravitycan be used inWhite guns🇧🇷 Help players in their battles by granting "Magic Affinity" to adventures. When equipped on ameleeweapon, will increase the magic affinity, further improving the player's magic damage output and increasing the intelligence scale.

When equipping the Ash of War, the Gravitas skill is also granted to adventurers, after which they can slash their weapon to the ground, which will create a ray of increased gravity, which can attract enemies and allow you to inflict more damage on them. they.

Court of Loretta

The second ashes of war,Court of Loretta, allows players to equip ashes to their weapons, increasing their magic affinity and overall intelligence scaling. The side effect of this increase is that the weapon's base damage will be reduced a bit.

When players summon Loretta's Slash, they also gain the ability, allowing adventurers to dash forward and perform consecutive slashes on their enemies, killing them in one fell swoop.

Elden Ring Astrologer Building Tips

The construction game style involves taking theastrologer's staffin hand, with increased spellcasting ability of Sorcery. With greater investment inintelligence and mind, players can quickly run across the battlefield with increased damage output. Astrologer's staff can allow you to defeat enemies with ease.

how to helpRadagon Icon, players can cast spells at a faster speed, which, when combined with theErdtree's Favor, they will unleash destruction on their opponents as players can stay alive longer on the battlefield. with the combination ofCometyblue pipe, players can launch larger and smaller kites over opponents' heads.

Great Arch of Lorettacan allow a magic bubble to be released. When all these spells are cast one after the other, the result is total destruction. Everything goes beautifully withmagic damageand higher elemental yield.

With himLucarian Lightning Armor Setin hand, players can experience increased intelligence, further increasing their damage. They can continue the battle for as long as they like, obviously achieving victory in the end. With that, ends theElden Ring Astrologer Construction🇧🇷 let us know what you think!

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