Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (2023)

After the release ofbeyond the light, Stasis subclasses took overdestination 2🇧🇷 For some time it was clear that stasis was theDestiny's most powerful class🇧🇷 It's no surprise that the best warlock build is a stasis build, at least in PVE. However, there are a few other options for players who have grown tired of stasis abilities. Guardians will be impressed by the quality of the alternatives.

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Players will want to have the best abilities, mods, and gear when trying out the new PVE activities this season. The warlock is a jack of all trades, and the classes described in this article will maximize the utility of each warlock's ability. Below are the twobest builds PVE Warlockfor players tryingComprehensive and challenging PVE contentlike Grandmaster Nightfalls, raids and dungeons.

Updated on September 8, 2022 by Anastasia Maillot:Season 18 is here, and with it, all three of the original subclasses received their 3.0 updates. This means that building creation in Destiny 2 has changed significantly from before, giving players more flexibility and more options when it comes to their gameplay. It also democratized a bunch of abilities across all classes and introduced new exotics to the game. With all this in mind, it became clear thatWarlock Endgame PVE Build Guideit needed a complete redesign to reflect the flexibility and options of subclassing 3.0. Here's each subclass, from worst to best, with recommended abilities, skins, shards, exotic gear, and mods.

The most important thing to focus on for any future builds is to have a level 10 or 100 resist. This gives players 40% damage denial without having to use mods or abilities.

Stormcaller Final Version

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Arc is by far the weakest subclass for Warlocks to run in endgame PVE content. This is because Arc Warlock Supers are extremely weak compared to many other damage-focused or ad-removing Supers in-game, and are generally not worth a player's time.

That being said, Arc Warlocks excel at fast ability regeneration. Arc is one of the most spammy subclasses for warlocks, so players looking to quickly clear ads, blind, and shake targets for maximum mayhem can turn to the Arc subclass for exactly that. Credit for this early Arc build with Fallen Sunstar and Delicate Tombgo to aztecaross.

Arc 3.0 Abilities, Skins, and Shards

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In terms of weak Supers, it doesn't really matter which one the player chooses.scope of chaoswill force the player to remain motionless in the air, whilestormy tranceIt is a super mobile roaming. it all comes down to personal preference.healing crackit's a must for Arc as it doesn't deal with Stasis-like health regeneration. for melee,Ball Lightning has the best range🇧🇷 Insidewarlock grenade thermos, players can choose betweenStorm Grenades or Pulse Grenades, both of which are excellent picks with decent damage.


  • Electrostatic Mind:This skin allows players to create ionic trails with arc abilities that kill or kill blinded and shaken enemies. Ionic Traces are the cornerstone of this build, as they grant ability energy.
  • Lightning Surge:This skin is more of a preference and can technically be overridden by the Arc Soul skin, though it does allow players to jolt targets more frequently. Dashing and melee will allow players to teleport forward and deal AoE damage while shaking off nearby enemies.


  • Headlight Spark:When players are amplified, any final hit from the Arc special weapon explodes, blinding nearby enemies.
  • Ion Spark:Killing any enemy that is shaken will leave an ionic trail.
  • Figure of Magnitude:Persistent Arc Grenades, such as Storm and Pulse Grenades, have a longer duration.
  • Shock Spark:Player bow grenades will now shock targets.

mods and equipment

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This build can work well with Storm Crown, but it will be stronger if players putthe fallen sunstar helmet🇧🇷 This new exotic is a powerhouse and will improve Arc Warlock's gameplay significantly, especially when it comes to Ionic Traces.

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Fallen Sunstar buffs Ionic Traces, which now grant even more ability energy and move quickly towards the player. When players collect an Ionic Trace, allies near them also receive increased ability energy.

Bow special weapons are essential for this build. Players will have the option to choose betweenthe Forbearance grenade launcherfrom the Disciple's Vow attack, orthe delicate grave fusion riflefrom Season 18's season pass. The latter will have greater synergy with this build, as the Delicate Tomb overloads when players collect and Ionic Trace. Your next shot will shock a target. With Font of Might applied,Stormchaser is a natural choice for a DPS weaponor The hot head.

Elemental Well Modsare once again a player's best friend when it comes to this bow build. The main way players will make Wells with this build is by using their charged melee, so havingmelee pit makerat least twice, as well asabundant wellsincreasing it to three wells will be incredibly beneficial.power supplyit's a natural choice here too, for better damage on heavy and special weapons that should be Arc.

This means that players will need to have their melee ready at all times. On the class element, applyDisclosuremods and aPunishment Pitmod to ensure players get as much melee uptime as possible.

Voidwalker Endgame Build

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Void is an extremely powerful subclass for Warlocks.🇧🇷 In fact, it is the closest subclass to Warlock's identity. Void 3.0 brought a lot of big changes that made this subclass a powerhouse for the Warlock network.

Void specializes in debuffing targets, so having debuff grenades that will cause bosses to take more damage, Son of the Ancient Gods that will debuff ads in an area of ​​effect, and having volatile rounds to clear ad makes it great to deal with. with common enemies as well as tougher opponents. In addition, Devour also provides the Void subclass with excellent support.

Void 3.0 Abilities, Skins, and Shards

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Warlocks have three Void Supers to choose from, but for most hardcore PVEs,the Nova Bomb: CataclysmIt is the best option for its slowness and high damage. Since this build will be focused on activating the Devour perk, confident players can opt forEmpowering Riftfor even more damage. Otherwise, choose Healing Rift. for grenades,Vortex Grenadeit is the best for its damage and suck when combined with the buff aspect as well.

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  • Speeding up the chaos:This will upgrade the various Void Grenades, including the Vortex Grenade for this build. The Vortex will be bigger and last longer.
  • Feed the Void:When players kill a target with a Void ability, they gain the Devour buff. Each final hit will spread Devour, fully heal the player, and charge your grenade energy faster.


  • Instability Echo:Gain volatile projectiles on Void Weapons after defeating targets with Void Grenades.
  • Echo of Minar:Empty grenades now weaken targets, causing them to take more damage, move slower, and have poorer accuracy.
  • Echo of the Remnants:All remaining grenades have a longer duration. This further strengthens the Vortex Grenade.

mods and equipment

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (7)

In terms of exotic choice, this build will workbest in Contraverse Holds🇧🇷 Contraverse Holds allows players to carry their Void Grenades. While charging, they gain resistance to damage. Any direct hit with the grenade will return the energy of the grenade. The purpose of this build is basically to have infinite vortex grenades that charge up the energy of the grenade and constantly trigger devour and volatile rounds for the player.

Other exotics for Void includesin of nezarec, which increases the regeneration capacity andDrying Filaments, which allows players to get Devour every time they cast their Rift.

For weapons, players will want to have Void weapons available.A Void primer is a must, and one of the best is still theSubfusil Funnelwebwith Subsistence and Frenzy. For greater reach,Aisha's Embrace Scout Riflewith perks like Vorpal Weapons, Triple Tap, and Fourth Time's the Charm it works well.

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This Void build is made for Elemental Well mods. For damage resistance, settenacity pit, which will make the player an unbeatable tank in addition to Devour.power supplyit will increase the player's main void damage and help with ad removal.abundant wellsIt's great for getting even more for your money by increasing the number of elemental pots dropped. Otherwise it just fitselemental artilleryomelee pit maker, depending on which ones the player prefers.

Final Shadebinder Construction

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Stasis excels above all else in controlling rather than wiping out ads and champions. Keeping dangerous targets permanently frozen is a huge advantage for a squad, which is why Stasis ranks so high on this list. It is one of the best subclasses to run on almostany Grandmaster of Twilight.

Stasis builds will mostly work with excellent ability uptime, as Stasis abilities and Supers have the longest cooldowns in the game.

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Stasis Abilities, Aspects and Shards

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Stasis only has one Super option,but the wrath of winterit's pretty decent as it freezes targets and does good damage by clearing the ad. Since Stasis doesn't deal with health regeneration and maintenance, Healing Rift is the best choice for the class ability. For grenades, gofor Granada Coldsnap, as it will fit the exotic perfect for this build.


  • Dark Watcher:Players can consume their stasis grenade on a stationary stasis turret that freezes and damages targets. Since this build will be using Osmiomancy Gloves, players will have two grenade charges and one of them can be used to create a turret.
  • Glacial Harvest:Stasis shards will spawn around frozen targets, with tougher enemies creating more shards. These shards work like elemental wells.


  • Rift Whisper:Explosion damage from breaking a stasis crystal has an increased area of ​​effect.
  • Bond Whisper:Killing enemies that are frozen will grant the player more Super Energy. Given the slow charge rate of Stasis Supers, this is a must have.
  • Driving Whisper:Stasis shards will now travel towards the player, similar to the Seeking Wells mod.
  • Torment Whisper:Taking damage from enemies increases the reload rate of grenades. A great backup to drop if players mess up their skill rotation on the Gloves of Osmiomancy.

mods and equipment

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (11)

The core of this whole build isthe osmiomancy gloves, which are exotic gauntlets. These gauntlets will give the player a second Coldsnap grenade charge, which recharges immediately if players land a direct hit with their Coldsnap grenade. Additionally, Coldsnap Grenades now travel further and freeze more enemies, making them brilliant against larger groups of ad.

For weapons, players will want to havea primary kinetic weapon with stasis.Eyaslunais an option for the hand cannon enthusiast, but other possibilities includeel kraitStasis Auto Rifle available from Legendary Engrams, theforensic nightmareSubmachine gun ofMundo del Trono de Savathun, misyncopation-53Suros pulse rifle. Look for the Tombstone perk and upgrade it on all crafted weapons.

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (12)

Stasis Elemental Well mods will be the player's best friend here to ensure they get their long cooldowns back quickly.elemental shardsit will actually make the stasis crystals count as elemental wells, making it a must-have for this build.start meleeit's great for making sure players get their melee back quickly no matter how long the cooldown is.

In the class element,Start of the utilityis a fantastic and versatile mod that will increase the cooldown rate of the class ability when the cooldown is at its lowest. Finallyrestoration wellwill grant players ability energy for their lowest charged ability.

Final version of Dawnblade

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Solar 3.0 for Warlocksreceived mixed opinions and feelings, but overall, warlocks are still extremely powerful in this subclass. Warlocks can not only be great damage dealers in this subclass, provided the right gear and weapons are combined, but they also make great supports for your squads thanks to their Well of Radiance.

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This subclass remains one of the strongest and most versatile options for Grandmaster Nightfalls. There are several options for players to choose from when it comes to gear, but for Supers, the choice will always be the Well of Radiance due to its damage resistance.

Solar 3.0 Abilities, Skins, and Shards

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (14)

The obvious choice forSuper will be Well of Radiance, to support the squad. The well provides increased damage and moderate healing and damage resistance. For the class ability, Phoenix Dive is not ideal, soHealing Rift is betterfor moments of panic when health regen is needed.Celestial Fire is still the best meleedue to its superior reach, over Incinerator Snap. for grenades,Fusion Grenades are the absolute best.due to its incredible damage.


  • The heat rises:Warlocks can consume your grenade to gain the Heat Rises buff, which allows them to hover and use weapons while suspended. Consuming the grenade also heals the player and nearby allies. When airborne, kills generate melee energy and extend the duration of Heat Rises.
  • Flame Touch:Adds various buffs to grenades. In this case, the fusion grenades will explode twice.


  • Torch Ember:Get the Radiant buff by dealing damage with a powerful melee. With Celestial Fire, this becomes even easier due to its long range.
  • Ash Ember:Players will apply additional burn stacks to targets, improving ad removal with weapons that have the Incandescent perk.
  • Char's Ember:The player's solar ignitions spread loads of burns on the targets.
  • Eruption Ember:Solar powerups by the player have a larger area of ​​effect.

mods and equipment

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (15)

In order to choose the exotic armor piece, players have a few options to choose from. Forupgrade your Well of Radiance, they can go tothe deerfor greater resistance to damage,Botas Lunafactionto improve reload speed, orPhoenix Protocolto be able to constantly cultivate Well of Radiance with asesinatos.

If players can afford to deal damage instead of concentrating on upgrading their Well of Radiance, they should opt forstar protocol, although this requires players to use empowering glitches instead of healing glitches, which takes away some of their healing but increases damage and fusion grenades.Verity's eyebrowis the best choice for players who want to get the most out of their Fusion Grenades, as it kills with weapon damage equal to the player's subclass's upgrade grenade damage.

Destiny 2: Best Warlock Builds For Hard PvE Content (16)

This solar construction best combineswith Solar weapons and Solar Elemental Well mods🇧🇷 Some great solar primary weaponsincludes the Calus Mini-Tool SMG with incandescentIt's inEscopeta Staccato-46, also with the Incandescent perk. Incandescent will help players spread ads and remove ads faster. For heavy weapons and damage,cataclysmicis the best option, with Bait and Switch and Fourth Time's the Charm.

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For Elemental Good mods,good of lifeAllows players to regenerate health by picking up a Solar Elemental Well.abundant wellsThe number of elemental wells created increases, the more well creation modes players equip.artillery pitIt's also a nice addition for players who are concerned with getting their grenade's energy back as quickly as possible.power supplyIt's also necessary for players planning to use a heavy Solar DPS weapon like Cataclysmic, as the damage bonus is significant.

destination 2It was released on September 6, 2017, and is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia.

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