Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (2023)

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 (1,000,011) is rolling out to PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic 1.10 patch notes, the latest update added a new seasonal event, a new warning, a new enemy, and more. Furthermore, today's Deep Rock Galactic Patch 1.10 also includes a long list of changes and fixes.

Recently, arevisionIt was also released, making quick switching optional.

unfortunately, sincethe last patch🇧🇷 Players are facing various issues. Today's Deep Rock Galactic Version 1.10 will address some of these changes. Read more details below.

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Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes 1.10 - April 6, 2022


Rivals are installing new communication equipment, which must be turned off! In the new seasonal event RIVAL SIGNAL, you must shut down the rival communication router, hack its antenna nodes and shut it down before time runs out and everything releases a deadly energy blast! Timing and accuracy will be essential if you want to get the cell data stored in the router!


Hordes of rival robots gather in the caves, apparently hoping to attack anything bearing the DRG insignia. Some will likely see this as a welcome distraction from the usual Glyphid tooth and claw, but Management still doesn't recommend downplaying these cybertronic abominations.


ScanCom has been picking up new readings in the caves, and disturbing rumors have begun to surface. Our rivals have dropped something down there, something specifically designed to lure you in, hunt you down, and finish you off with extreme prejudice. Beware, miners: the Rival Nemesis is on the prowl.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (1)



By popular demand, we've practically doubled the number of seasonal event bonuses you can collect by completing the various seasonal events in the caves! Bonus for everyone!

In addition, we have added a new Season Challenge, in which you must complete missions with RIVAL PRESENCE WARNING, paying large amounts of performance points and precious tokens.

All of this, of course, adds up to rewards, both for simply gaining levels in the Performance Pass and for spending Scrip on the Cosmetic Tree. We have some good stuff for you: resource caches, beards, paints, helmets and another full set of frames for all weapons.

As always, all Performance Pass items are completely free, and the rewards you weren't able to claim in the previous season can be found in Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, Cosmetic Colors, and The Shop.


Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (2)
The Scout chose this extremely versatile crossbow designed for big game hunting, built specifically to fire a wide selection of projectiles. Acid bolts, electric bolts, fire bolts, triple bolts, you name it. It's time to go hunting.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (3)
Meanwhile, the Engineer created the PARTICLE DIFFRACTION. To keep it from detonating like a thousand pounds of TNT, the thing is limited to short, controlled bursts, but don't let that put you off - it's powered by a 12-pound piece of Ommoran Heartstone and is capable of hurling lightning. of raw energy as thick as your leg, reducing everything in its path to a heap of ash.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (4)
The Gunner gains the ARMSKORE COIL GUN, a fully portable electromagnetic accelerator. Fires solid tungsten spheres with enough force to pierce through solid rock. The only limit to this pocket war crime is the battery, which is considerable.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.10 Update Notes (Season 2) (5)
And finally, Piercer received the COLETTE WAVE KITCHEN. An ingenious combination of lab equipment and kitchen appliance, the Wave Cooker does exactly what its name suggests: point it at something organic and watch it cook from the inside out until it explodes into a blob of viscous fluid. Recipe book not included.


From now on, you can choose to pay for Cosmetics with Fazionite instead of Credits and Minerals if you're saving up for specific upgrades.

Fazyonite can be found in Hoxxes caves as you progress, and you'll also get it from the new cosmetic mastery system implemented in the store.

(Video) Deep Rock Galactic: Season 2 - Narrated Trailer

How it works? Simple: increase your cosmetic mastery by buying stuff.

And don't worry, buyers: the system will work retroactively. Everything you've already purchased will count towards your Cosmetic Mastery progress.

Our goal is for players to buy cosmetics without sacrificing beer, upgrades, and promotions. We hope that helps, especially with many of the previous season's cosmetics hitting the store. We have no plans to monetize this in any way.


Previously, Forge Mastery granted completely random Infused Matrix Cores. Now, you will have a choice: two character classes are randomly chosen, you choose which one gets the core. Some choice is better than no choice, as they say.


For those dwarves who have returned unsuccessfully from quests, we have finally received a shipment of medical gowns. As a matter of morals and general sanity, we ask all employees not to remove their underwear when waking up in one of these.


You can now enable FSR or DLSS in game if you have a compatible graphics card. This technology should greatly improve framerates if you play at higher resolutions, resulting in much smoother mining.


Get the new Robot Rebellion DLC now and fight these robots in style!



  • Increased base fire rate.
  • Increased Base Ammo
  • Slightly reduced the size of the baseloader.
  • Reduced base normal shooting damage
  • Significantly improved the strength of DoT base corrosive effect
  • Increased normal and charged shot corrosive damage conversion
  • The base puddle size has increased slightly.
  • The equipment terminal will now display the puddle radius as an actual value
  • Added the T5 Ingredient X armor fusion mechanic to the base weapon and removed the upgrade. The mechanic will no longer "melt down" destructible weak points like Goo Bomber Sacks. As always, those who purchased the upgrade will have their credits and minerals refunded.

mod settings

  • Increased T1 Better Air Pressurizer's projectile speed bonus
  • Reduced the damage bonus of T2 Potent Goo Mix
  • Reduced the maximum ammo bonus of T3 More Goo Canisters
  • Increased T4 enhanced spool engine load time reduction bonus
  • Slightly increased DoT bonus for T5 Fluoroantimonic Acid

overclock settings
OC mud blast

(Video) Perk Unlock and Use Guide | Deep Rock Galactic | How to Use Perks

  • Clip size penalty removed.
  • Changed the ammo penalty from a percentage to a fixed amount.
  • Removed load time penalty
  • Slightly increased shrapnel damage conversion.


  • Increased projectile speed bonus

OC Volatile Impact Mixture

  • Increased damage bonuses and changed them from fixed amounts to percentages.
  • Increased DoT duration penalty


  • Reduced projectile base speed
  • The base fire rate has slightly decreased.

mod settings

  • Increased projectile speed bonus from T1 Particle Accelerator upgrade
  • Increased high volume plasma power T1 upgrade fire rate bonus

overclock settings
Impact Deflection OC

  • Changed from Clean to Balanced
  • Added a fire penalty rate.

Aggressive OC Ventilation

  • Changed from Balanced to Clean
  • Removed all penalties.
  • Slightly reduced overheat recovery bonus.

Reableado Mod OC

  • Reduced ammo penalty.

OC Shock Reload

  • Replaced the damage penalty with an ammo penalty.

OC shaped shells

  • Replaced the projectile count penalty with a small ammo penalty.


(Video) Deep Rock Galactic: How to be the deadliest engineer

  • Increased the maximum number of enemies that can attack a target affected by pheromones
  • Prolonged the duration of the effect of pheromones
  • Enemies affected by pheromones can now defend themselves when attacked by normal enemies. (previously they could only hit other enemies affected by pheromones)


When you ping a dwarf, you shout something related to their class to get their attention or to praise them.

The Industrial Mask from the Season 01 Performance Pass has been moved from the hat slot to the beard slot so it can now be used with other hats.

The Modding menu now has 4 loadouts where you can save lists of installed mods, to quickly enable different mod configurations. To save an upload, click the checkbox next to edits in the same way you would if you wanted to activate them by clicking on the upload you want to save and clicking Save. Enable a list of load modes by clicking on a load where a list is saved and clicking load.

Mods can now be marked optional or required by everyone on Mark optional if they are mods that just need to be installed and activated by the server host to work.
The RequiredByAll tag is for a mod that requires all players to have the mod activated and installed in order to work.

Mods marked with RequiredByAll will be installed and activated on the ticket, as it has worked until now. Mods marked Optional will be listed on join, but will not be installed on join unless you choose to do so by clicking the X on the mod.

  • Bringing down Rival's operations is critical, and therefore management has increased pay for industrial sabotage missions.
  • Proprietary matrix cores displayed in the forge are now sorted more granularly, making it easier to get an overview of how overclocked you are for each class/weapon, etc.
  • Fixed the Field Medic's "Instant Revive" activating also activating the equipped weapon.
  • Increased the speed bonus of using/building most items when more than one dwarf is doing it. This does not include the Doretta repair, which is unmodified and works with a different system.
  • Fixed an issue where some unequipped items became visible again.
  • The cursor is now hidden during the Mission Complete final screen, until the Continue button is visible
  • Unreal engine version updated to 4.27.2
  • Optimized rubble placement
  • Fixed a bug with placing resources in caves, now they should be better distributed in caves.
  • Fixed a bug in the motivational terminal animation.
  • [KPI Terminal] Orange floating border around milestones is back
  • Added quest stat count cosmetic mastery level increase. Changed xp calculation to always be based on credit + mineral cost.
  • Fixed janitor spinning inconsistently for customers.
  • Enemies with very low health bar now still show a health shard instead of a completely black bar to avoid confusion.
  • Added a new damage type "Piercing" for Nishanka Boltshark
  • Added some cold resistance and fire weakness to Mactera Ice Bomber.
  • Reduced Corrosion Resistance for all Dreadnoughts and the Grunt Guard
  • Fixed issue with enemies having dynamic materials and then dissolving.
  • Fixed the Pretorian Glyphid's weak point lighting up after being killed.
  • Fixed glyphs sometimes showing a default animation pose for a few frames before burying itself in the ground upon spawning.
  • Fixed inventory issues when carrying gems, throwing them with the salute, and picking them up again during the salute. It also fixes the issue with weapons sometimes floating in the air.
  • Fixed salute logic - You can no longer salute when doing Hold E interactions, dwarves don't have hands to do both at the same time.
  • Added an info button on the quest map after selecting a quest that takes you to the quest description in the miner's handbook.

fonts and text

  • Fixed a bug on the Space Rig equipment screen where the player icon overlapped the text.
  • Try resizing the equipment display and resource counters back to what they were before
  • Assignment popup reverted to previous layout
  • Perk Window Font Settings
  • Season marker on changed elements, reduced font sizes, minor layout tweaks
  • Reduced font size, some minor design changes
  • Fixed typo on monitor
  • Smaller font size when reading XP inside terminals
  • Fixed "For the promotion!" be a little off screen


  • Fixed a bug where hosting hidden mods could crash the game upon joining
  • Added progress bar to check mod dependencies on merge
  • Changed the way mods are shown as out of date after a game update. It will now follow major releases instead of minor releases as there are limited issues between minor game updates.
  • Made the class icons in the server list, save menu, vanity tree and season screen modifiable.
  • Added 'required by all' and optional functionality to download mods when joining a modded session
  • NOTE: Most mods currently on will likely be broken due to engine update. Be patient with modders.

Glyphid Threat

  • Fixed the armor on top of the head not being able to destroy all parts and the particle at the time it was destroyed was too small and the wrong color.
  • Improved bump on top and back to better match mesh.
  • Fixed weak spots not glowing properly when hit.
  • Particles added when a weak point is destroyed.

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Download Deep Rock Galactic Game Patch 1.10 for free on PlayStation 4, PC and PlayStation 5.

(Video) Deep Rock Galactic - Season 02 Overview


What changed in Deep Rock Galactic season 2? ›

Season 02: Rival Escalation introduces a new season to Deep Rock Galactic with a new Performance Pass, four brand new secondary weapons for each class respectively, a new Rival Tech encounter and Phazyonite resource. Season 02: Rival Escalation was released on April 28th, 2022.

Are they still updating Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The developers also plan to host livestreams from their office about the game's future and keep working on the project. "We are not slowing down on Deep Rock Galactic," Ghost Ship Games wrote in its update. "We have never been as busy making exciting new things for this labor of love which now turns 5."

How long is season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The duration of a season is approximately six months, with the seasons directly following each other without any downtime. Scrip, a currency that can be used to unlock items in the cosmetic tree.

What is the latest version of Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The game was later released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in January 2022, and for Xbox Series X/S in September 2022. Deep Rock Galactic is set on the alien planet of Hoxxes IV, whose caves are rich in minerals but filled with hostile wildlife and hazardous environments.

What is the rarest thing in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The Error Cube, called ERR://23¤Y%/ in-game, is an extraordinarily rare resource. It must be dug out of the ground, and can be deposited into M.U.L.E. like all other resources.

Will Deep Rock Galactic add another class? ›

A new class is currently not planned as the original four have a good synergy and a fifth would skew that. We want the current four classes to be the optimal choice in a game. A new class would be a multiplier to the work needed for future updates.

How long until DRG season 3? ›

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Plaguefall will be launching on November 3, 2022 on PC via Steam and console releases following shortly after.

What is the max level in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

You rank up each time the blue gem fills all three of its sections up, and one section fills up each time you gain a level with one of the four classes or promoting a character. In one playthrough, the maximum level after unlocking all promotions for all characters is 599.

What is the level cap in deep rock? ›

You can only level up your dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic so much. There is a max level you can achieve per character. The max class level is 25, after this, you can no longer upgrade your dwarf.

When did DRG season 3 start? ›

November 3rd, 2022

What is DRG season 2 mission? ›

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 is bringing a brand new mission type to the game. Along with the eight mission types already available in the game, Season 2 is bringing a new mode called "Rival Signal." During this event, players will come across a series of communication relays while on their regular mining travels.

What was DRG season 1? ›

Season 01 basically covers all the new content that is released with the next big update for Deep Rock Galactic. It includes a new challenging mission, new mission events, a 100% FREE Battle-Pass-like progression system, four new primary weapons, new enemies, and a truckload of new cosmetics.

Will there be a Deep Rock Galactic 2? ›

Creators of Deep Rock Galactic, Ghost Ship Games, announced Season 2 all the way back in December 2021.

How many people still play Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The average number of users playing per day for 2022 was 113,700, up from around 75,000 in 2021.

What is the biggest enemy in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Deep Rock Galactic features several different enemies to keep miners on the edge of their toes while they explore Hoxxes. One of the most threatening of all is the Glyphid Bulk Detonator, a creature guaranteed to kill any Deep Rock Galactic player that comes too close.

What is the best scout weapon in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine is one of the best Scout weapons in Deep Rock Galactic. The primary weapon has a sophisticated design. It features a vibrant barrel and a muzzle. The gun will cost players 8,200 Credits and requires the Scout to be at least level 20 to be unlocked.

What is the best DRG character? ›

Scout or Engineer is considered the best solo class in Deep Rock Galactic. With Scout, you can collect Gold and Nitra pretty easily. Plus, secondary objectives are never a challenge for Scout himself since you can climb to almost every platform. Scout also has strong guns such as a rifle, shotgun, or even a plasma gun.

Does Deep Rock Galactic scale with level? ›

Normal Scaling

Depending on the selected Hazard level and the number of players in a game, the difficulty is dynamically adjusted through several factors: Increased Hazard Level increases enemy, environmental and friendly fire damage, as well as decreasing available health after a revive.

What is the secondary weapon DRG? ›

Secondary Weapons
  • Shard Diffractor.
  • Deepcore 40mm PGL.
  • Nishanka Boltshark X-80.
  • ArmsKore Coil Gun.

Is s3 the last season? ›

Good news for us, bad news for Joe Goldberg's body count: You is returning for a fourth season on Netflix. Just days before the third season (opens in new tab) of the hit psychological thriller hit viewers' queues in October 2021, the streaming giant announced that You will be back for season 4.

When did DRG season 1 start? ›

Season 01: Rival Incursion introduces Seasons to Deep Rock Galactic and the Performance Pass system, a new mission called "Industrial Sabotage", four brand new primary weapons for each class respectively, and new Rival Tech enemies. Season 01: Rival Incursion was released on November 4th, 2021.

Is Dr. Stone season 3? ›

Season 3 of Dr. Stone anime has been announced, and is set to premiere in April 2023. A direct sequel to Season 2 and Dr. Stone Ryusui, it will continue the events of the Source of the Petrification Saga.

Can you get drunk in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Starting from Rank 3, players are able to purchase Beers from the Abyss Bar. Depending on the potency of the drink and how many are consumed, the player's character may become intoxicated.

Does gold give XP Deep Rock Galactic? ›

We're rich! Gold is a bonus resource located in all current mission types. When mined and deposited, it will give a credits reward at the end of the mission. Its current use is solely to give extra credits and EXP for mining at the end of the mission.

Is there a boss in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Deep Rock Galactic has shown off the new season two elements for the mining and wave clearing game, but a new and terrifying boss has also been added.

What game has the highest level cap? ›

10 Video Games With A Ridiculously High Level Cap
  1. 1 Rune Factory 3 Has A Level Cap Of 10,000.
  2. 2 Disgaea's Level Cap Is 9999. ...
  3. 3 Elden Ring Has A Level Cap At 712. ...
  4. 4 Star Ocean: The Second Story Has A Level Cap At 255. ...
  5. 5 Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Has A Level Cap Of 200. ...
  6. 6 Hyrule Warriors Changed Its Level Cap To Stop At 255. ...
Nov 24, 2022

Can a 13 year old play Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Great Game for co op

This is a great game for kids who just want to have fun. The only adult content is the violence.

How many beards are in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

69 Pieces of headgear / hairstyles (53 from the shop, 11 from event rewards, 5 from DLCs') 7 Eyebrow varieties. 16 Moustaches. 17 Beards.

Is Legendary season 3 out? ›

The third and final season of the American voguing competition series Legendary premiered on May 19, 2022. This season Jameela Jamil, Law Roach and Leiomy Maldonado remained on the panel of judges, Megan Thee Stallion was replaced with Keke Palmer.

WHEN DID season 3 drop? ›

On August 30, 2021, Netflix announced that the third season would premiere on October 15, 2021.

What's next for Deep Rock Galactic? ›

In January 2022, we will finally launch Deep Rock Galactic for PlayStation - both PS4 & PS5! This will be the latest version of the game, including all the Season 01 features and the Performance Pass.

What does Jadiz look like DRG? ›

Jadiz takes the form of a large, green glowing crystal which must be picked up and deposited similar to other resources hidden in the walls. Jadiz crystals use the same model as Aquarq, Bittergem, and Compressed Gold. Jadiz chunks use the same model as Bismor , Croppa , Enor Pearl, Nitra, Umanite, and Hollomite.

What is Doretta DRG? ›

The Drilldozer (also known as the Dozer for short, and affectionately nicknamed "Doretta" or "Dotty" by the Dwarves) is a large, automated mining vehicle deployed to certain sites on Hoxxes. It is only found in the Escort Duty mission type.

Is Driller good DRG? ›

The driller is effective across low and high hazard levels with the right focus and use of Bosco in solo gameplay.

What is the new weapon in Deep Rock Galactic 2022? ›

Deep Rock Galactic's Engineer class will get to make use of a new secondary weapon called the Shard Diffractor once the next Season begins.

How do you unlock weapons in Deep Rock Galactic season 2? ›

To unlock weapons in Deep Rock Galactic, you have to level up the respective dwarf and do the Equipment Licenses assignments. Each class has up to 4 assignments to unlock 4 new weapons, so there are a lot of possibilities to play!

What is the point of promotion Deep Rock Galactic? ›

It acts as a prestige system for players who have hit the max level on their class and want to continue gaining XP for their class. Previously unlocked items and upgrades will not reset upon promoting a class. The Promotion terminal can be found in the Memorial Hall.

What does Bosco do in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Bosco can be directed to mine out minerals and tunnel through compacted dirt. He can't be used to mine through common/solid rock unless you mark a wall with a large resource in it, where he will stop excavating the stone as soon as the resource is freed.


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