Best Class Builds for PvE in New World (2023)

If you've played the latest Amazon Studios MMO,The new World, you may have noticed that weapons, as well as the attributes you choose to level up, play a crucial role in your ability to successfully take on missions, as well as your chances of staying alive.

If you're a new player, the good news is that you can reset your attributes up to level 20, which you'll definitely do as you explore different weapons and classes to see what combo works best for you. After level 20, resetting your attributes costs something.

The class, weapons and attributes that you finally choose will depend on the needs of your person, group or corporation. Although the game certainly allows you to do different missions alone, especially in the first 20 levels, there will be more advanced missions and possibilities, such as expeditions, invasions, and outpost attacks, where you will have to team up with at least two others. players, in order to complete them.

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As with most MMOs, there are four archetypes you can choose which weapons and attributes to level up from: Tank, DPS, Healer, and Mage.

Here are the best PvE builds to level upThe new Worldfor each class.

build tanks

Best Class Builds for PvE in New World (1)
  • Primary Weapon:sword and shield
  • Second weapon:big ax or war hammer
  • Attribute:strength and constitution

Sword and Shield is one of the most balanced and versatile weapons in New World, especially if you're looking to build your character to be as tough as the game allows. It allows for a great balance between crowd control and self defense, making this weapon combo one of the most appealing, especially for new players.

The secondary weapon in this build should be one of the high-damage two-handed weapons available. Your best options here are the Great Ax or the Warhammer. But there are alternatives like the Spear, which despite being considered one of the weaker two-handed options in the game, has a knockback attack that can be incredibly useful for you as a tank, since you'll be targeting all monsters while you're at them. teammates get to do the work.


As you level up each of your weapons, you will need to carefully decide which abilities to unlock for each weapon's three available slots.

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For Sword and Shield, we recommend unlocking itshield bash,defiant attitude, yreverse stitch. These abilities give you a chance to stun enemies for a few seconds, reduce incoming damage, and perform a special attack that deals 175 percent of your weapon damage.

If you choose the Warhammer as your secondary weapon, be sure to unlock itshock wave,armor breaker, ypath of destiny. These abilities allow you to deal a lot of damage and unlock the true potential of this weapon. If you choose Great Ax instead, you will unlock itSog,good gravity, yHarvest.

SPD Construction

Best Class Builds for PvE in New World (2)

Primary Weapon:musket or stock

Second weapon:firemen

Attribute:dexterity and intelligence

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If you are looking for a strong DPS build for your party, this build can deal some serious damage, especially in scenarios where you are surrounded by multiple enemies.

With the fire stick as a secondary weapon, you can control the amount you need that a musket or rapier can't offer. While it's always a good idea to set aside some Constitution attribute points to make sure you don't turn to dust in a matter of seconds, if your party has a decent healer, you should be able to focus those points and on both to target ability or intelligence. You need both to unlock the full potential of your weapons.


If you decide to use the musket, you must unlock shot, which overloads the weapon and deals 150 percent damage, andgunpowder shot, which allows you to deal 110 percent weapon damage on shots, with a staggering 260 percent bonus weapon damage if you manage to upgrade the ability withchronic trauma. If you opt for the Rapier instead, unlock itresponderyEvadefor a combination of stun power, high damage, and better mobility.

Unlock for the Fire Stick as a secondary weaponball of fireyConsumeadds a decent extra dose of magic damage to your musket or rapier, making this build one of the most popular in the current meta. Remember to also unlock the passive abilities for each of your weapons as needed for your playstyle to really unlock the potential of this build.

Healer Build

Best Class Builds for PvE in New World (3)
  • Primary Weapon:life staff
  • Second weapon:Campana
  • Attribute:Concentration and Constitution or Dexterity

The fact that the Life Staff is the only healing weapon availableThe new Worldmeans it's also one of the more flexible builds depending on what you need as a healer. Other weapons offer healing buffs, but the Life Staff is the only weapon in the game where you can apply these healing buffs to yourself or other party members.

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The PvP and PvE builds for healers are very different. In PvP, you need to be better equipped for encounters with high level players and fill in the damage gaps in your party. But if you need an effective, high-damage healer to complete your PvE quests, whether solo or in a group, the staff and blade combo is second to none.

The ax is one of the most popular secondary weapons for healers, and for good reason: in addition to giving you the ability to deal high levels of damage, it's a light weapon that offers healers buffs when using increased Berserk Mastery.


The first skill you need to unlock for your life staff issacred ground. This is also the one you will use the most, as it heals over time and increases your health and mana regeneration rate by 100 percent.divine embraceytouch of lightare the other two skills that will benefit you and your party the most, as they give you the ability to heal a target for 150 percent weapon damage and the ability to heal a party respectively. To unleash the true power oftouch of lightMake sure to get the Purify upgrade which removes all negative effects on allies you heal.

Leveling your ax as a secondary weapon should focus on assassin mastery.franticit's the first skill you need to unlock as it's one of the best pairings for lifetime staff. It is also important that you level up the Berserker branch with her.Berserker-Updatefor additional health regeneration, anduninterrupted berserker– which saves you from being knocked out of a healing circle by enemies. If you need an ability that will allow you to escape and stay safe, go for distancing, which creates distance when you find yourself in a dangerous situation and gives you the space you need to change your personal life to heal.

build wizards

Best Class Builds for PvE in New World (4)
  • Primary Weapon:firemen
  • Second weapon:ice glove
  • Attribute:intelligence and constitution

The Fire Mage build is one of the strongest and most popular builds right now and works particularly well in a party or group dynamic. The abilities that the fire staff offers are the perfect combination for a tanker, as they position enemies to fall into your ring of fire with them.ball of fireBe able. The Fire Staff is currently the best weapon when it comes to dealing magic damage, as it is paired with abilities that allow for decent enemy takedowns.

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The key to this build is the combination of Fire and Ice power, so having the Ice Gauntlet as a secondary build makes this build downright deadly. Intelligence is the obvious choice for both of these weapons when it comes to attributes, but remember to also make sure to increase Constitution to have the durability that this type of power demands.


For your fire brigade personnel make sure to unlock itpillar of fire, a targeted spell that allows you to deal 134 percent of your weapon damage. Remember, the key to building a mage is to keep your distance but be prepared in case you get overwhelmed by the enemies around you. Unlock to do thisBurn down, which deals a fiery explosion for 130 percent damage and knocks all enemies up to 3 meters. For your third abilityConsumeallows you to charge through targets while dealing 129 percent weapon damage on hit, which can also be used to get out of a rushed situation, allowing you to run out of a group of enemies.

The most important ability for Ice Gauntlet, on the other hand, isSnow storm. This is a ranged attack that deals 17 percent weapon damage every 0.25 seconds while slowing enemies in the affected area. This is key to crowd control and is combined withice spikesCreating a row of spikes in a straight line and dealing 56 percent of damage, , is the perfect partner for some seriously powerful fire and ice combos. Latest,Buryon the Ice Gauntlet is an ability you'll definitely need if you want to make sure you don't run out of mana in the middle of an intense fight. This ability allows the player to bury themselves in ice and become invulnerable while quickly replenishing their mana bar for more spell mayhem.


What is the strongest class in the New World? ›

1) The Berserker (Hatchet + Warhammer)

As Strength is the primary scaling attribute for both the Hatchet and the Warhammer, investing in it completely is the best course of action.

What is the best great AXE build in New World PvE? ›

The best great axe PvE build is the great axe and hatchet build. It's great for both solo and team play, but we think that it's best used alongside a tank to chip away at enemies with your various axes from behind. This gives you automatic critical hits and will heal you with every hit.

What is a DPS build in New World? ›

DPS (short for Damage per Second) - An offensive role whose main job is dealing damage to enemies.

What is the highest DPS in the New World? ›

The GS apparently has the highest DPS in the game, but you're really vulnerable when you use it. The rapier also has really high DPS, but most people don't know about it. The Spear/great axe can be used for utility, but they shouldn't be your main source of DPS. The WH can be used in Lazarus, but it's not the best DPS.

Is Fire Staff good for PvE New World? ›

Despite being excellent in PvP, the fire staff's tremendous damage output is also quite useful in PvE scenarios. Therefore, the flaming staff and ice gauntlet are suggested for PvE. With this build, you may deal a lot of damage to your opponents at once by utilizing your talents.


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