23 amazing DIY running games, challenges and task ideas (2023)

Here is our list of funAwesome running games, challenges and task ideas.

The Amazing Race is a television show where teams compete to find clues and solve puzzles. Competitors race through exciting locations while cooperating to complete wild challenges. Examples of challenges include rolling cheese, herding ducks, and even singing competitions! These games aim to promote collaboration that utilizes each player's specific skills and talents.

These games are similar totreasure huntand are examples ofteam building games🇧🇷 These exercises can beinternal team building activitiesooutdoor team building games🇧🇷 These events are the personal equivalent of aamazing virtual race.

23 amazing DIY running games, challenges and task ideas (1)

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Here we go!

Amazing Race games list

Whether you're enjoying the outdoors or keeping it in the workplace, here's a list of Amazing Race ideas to bring out cooperation in your team.

1. Turn over the paperclip

The paperclip flip is a test of aim and dexterity. This game is an easy Amazing Race challenge using items found in the office.

These are the rules:

  1. Place a bowl or box on the table.
  2. Create a series of distance markers at one, three, five, and seven feet from the table.
  3. Using a plastic spoon, players catapult paper clips into the container.
  4. Each time a paperclip lands in the bin, the player advances to the next marker and tries again.

Using readily available gaming office supplies will help keep your budget in check.

2. Timed puzzles

For timed puzzle challenges, cut the printed images into multiple pieces and seal them in envelopes. Then, use a minute timer to count down time as players race to complete puzzles. Be sure to mix and match pieces in separate envelopes so teams must collaborate to finish the puzzles. Players will have a lot of fun working together to solve both puzzles simultaneously. This exercise is also a great icebreaker!

3. Treasure Hunt

As part of the Amazing Race, you can plan a classic scavenger hunt inside the workplace or off campus. Each player is given a list of items to look for and a bag to carry the items. You can include items from the entire workspace if your search takes place within the workspace.

Some ideas for items to hunt for include:

  • coffee filters or stir sticks from the break room
  • coffee shop seasoning packets
  • worker specific business cards
  • specific colored markers
  • colored paper clips
  • a pack of staples

You can also select a nearby park for an outdoor challenge and use a list of items specific to that location.

Here is a list ofDIY treasure hunt cluesytreasure hunt appsto help plan your game.

4. Coffee or tea

Coffee or Tea is a flavor-based Amazing Race challenge.


To do this activity, fill five cups with coffee or iced tea and ask challengers to identify each drink by sight alone. Then blindfold the players and have them drink from identical cups while holding their noses. According to taste, players will guess again. The team with the most accurate guesses from both rounds wins. This challenge also works well with flavored colas.

For less competitive sampling experiences, check out these lists ofvirtual coffee tastingsyvirtual tea tastings.

5. Construction of the storage box

Building storage bins is a creative challenge for a job site with a backlog of empty storage bins.

These are the rules:

  1. Players are divided into teams of two. One player is the Supervisor and the other is the Worker.
  2. The supervisor is given a sheet of paper with a simple shape drawn on it.
  3. The Supervisor tells the Worker where to place each box to recreate the shape.
  4. If the supervisor mentions the shape, the team chooses another shape and starts over.
  5. The first team to finish their form wins.

This Amazing Race idea tests the team's communication skills in a fun way.

6. Paper airplane contest

A paper airplane contest lets challengers explore their creativity and engineering skills! The objective of the competition is to create the best paper airplane. Teammates can come up with an original design or follow instructions from the Internet. Players then take turns launching their planes as far as they can get them to fly. You can create a field of multiple distance markers to track your success.

Pro Tip: Offer bonus points for spirals, twists, and loops!

here is onepaper plane design collectionfor competitors.

7. Rubber Band Shootout

Rubber band shootouts are great as awesome indoor or outdoor running ideas. To prepare for the exercise, print out a range of targets and create a custom point-based shooting gallery. To turn the event into a race, set a one-minute timer. Competitors use a unique style of rubber band shooting to aim at the target. Judges may award bonus points for high style shots such as behind the back and over the shoulder.

8. Foldable Envelopes

Envelope folding begs the question, how small can you fold an envelope? During this task, the contestants try to fold standard letter-sized envelopes as many times as possible. The aim is to make the form as compact as possible. The game is more challenging than it looks! Players can use any combination of techniques. Judges can award points for the smallest envelope and the most number of folds achieved.

9. Cookie Stacking

Cookie stacking is a fun and edible Amazing Race idea for work. The drill is ideal for single players or teams of two players.

These are the rules:

  1. Set a one-minute timer.
  2. Competitors build towers of stacked stuffed cookies as high as possible without falling over. Builders can apply their best cookie construction logic.
  3. If the tower falls, the contestant starts over.

Chocolate sandwich cookies work best for this game. However, you can also include other shapes and sizes and make the game even more challenging. Cookies are likely to break, so make sure you have enough on hand to replace them. For a fun bonus round, first round winners build new towers with their eyes closed!

10. Jump room

Quarter Bounce tests tabletop athletic skills for single players or teams of two. To start the game, place a glass in the center of a table. Each player is given a stack of five quarters. Contestants then throw their coins off the table as they try to get them into the cup. Amazing racing challenges like this game ensure that all competitors have a fair chance of winning.

(Video) Dragon Absorption Challenge, so exciting, save it for later! ! ! party game challenge f

11. Sticking cereal blindfolded

Blindfold Cereal Threading is an exercise in which teams of two players build a looped cereal thread using only their hands.

To play:

  1. Place a bowl with 20 loops of cereal and a piece of dental floss or sewing thread for each team.
  2. Let team members study the location of these supplies before blindfolding both players.
  3. One player holds the string while the other player guides the pieces of cereal on the string.

To add to this awesome racing idea, have team members switch roles in a second round to see which one suits them best.

12. Dipping the cookie on the forehead

Forehead Cookie Dunk requires a combination of balance and coordination. This Amazing Race challenge can take place indoors or outdoors.

This is how it is played:

  1. Place a full glass of milk on a table for each player.
  2. Place players 10 to 15 feet away from the table if possible.
  3. Players tilt their heads back, place a cookie on their forehead, and cross the room without dropping the cookie.
  4. When players come to the table, they take the cup and try to wet the cookie without touching it. They may tilt their head forward, wiggle their eyebrows, or wrinkle their forehead. What works best!

Make sure you have extra cookies and milk on hand to enjoy after the challenge!

13. Color-coded Pathfinder

The color-coded Pathfinder challenges players to create a maze using sticky notes in various colors. To plan the game, draw a path for each team to follow using 15-20 blank sheets of paper. You can choose a color for each group. When the game starts, teams follow the trail through the construction site and collect sticky notes. You can add a twist by numbering the sticky notes, so teams have a sequence to follow as they go. No skipping a number!

14. Messenger bag

The Messenger Bag is an Amazing Race idea that tests your team's powers of description.

To play:

  1. Place ten random items in a bag, backpack, or messenger bag.
  2. Separate players into teams of two.
  3. Blindfolded a player; this is the sender. The other player is the receiver.
  4. The sender reaches into the bag, selects an item, and describes it to the recipient just by touch.
  5. The receiver guesses as many items as possible in one minute.

This challenge works best with everyday items like office supplies or household items.

15. We put in stitches

Snitches in Stitches is a game that will make the entire workplace laugh!

These are the rules:

  1. Write a familiar phrase in large letters. Something like "Every dog ​​will have its day" or "The early bird takes the worm" are great.
  2. Cut each word onto a separate strip of paper.
  3. Choose team members to play "snitch" and give each snitch one of the words.
  4. Prints a list of simple clues about each Snitch. Suggestions like "taller than the rest", "he loves the color blue" or "sits by a window" will work.
  5. Every two players receive the list of clues and look for the snitches to recover

the words and assemble the sentence.

This game is a fun, collaborative task for teams. The phrase could even be something related to the role of the team.

(Video) HALLOWEEN MAKEUP AND COSTUMES DIY IDEAS || Spooky SFX Makeup Tutorials! Pranks On Friends by 123 GO!

Here is onephrase listto begin

16. Coffee service

Coffee Pong brings Beer Pong to the office safely! Teams try to bounce three Ping Pong balls into a triangular arrangement of coffee cups to score points. You can assign cups with different point values ​​to make the competition more exciting. No coffee is needed for this Amazing Race idea. Cups can be empty to keep the play space tidy or contain running water.

Here is onediagramin different ways your coffee pong cups can take.

For more inspiration, check out thislist of virtual drinking games.

17. Dance Relay

Amazing Race games for team building, like dance relays, get your team moving in fun new ways! First, divide your team members into smaller groups of equal numbers and assign team captains to each. Then print a list of dance moves.

Here is a list of dances you can include:

  • The Macarena
  • the dental floss
  • the chicken dance
  • the running man
  • disco dancing
  • or dance
  • free style
  • the moon walk

Make sure there are enough moves for all players. You can cut the list into strips, fold the strips of paper and place them in a cup. Each team member chooses a folded dance strip. Team members form relay lines, with members three or four feet apart. Team captains announce and perform the first dance while moving on to the next team member. The next team member opens their track, announces their dance, and does their best version as they move on to the next member. This pattern continues until the relay terminates. If a player is not familiar with their chosen dance, they are free to do their best!

here is onedance listThrough the decades and apractical team dance guide.

18. Silence

Quiet Down requires contestants to make their teammates guess a word without speaking. This exercise is a twist on the classic charades that tests the contestants' ability to communicate silently!

This is how it is played:

  1. Place folded pieces of paper containing divination items in a cup.
  2. The designated “giver” chooses a word from the cup.
  3. The giver utters the word for the "soothsayer" to discern.
  4. The first team to get three correct guesses wins.

Use movie titles, songs, or celebrity names for the list, or include anything fun and familiar your team enjoys. Be sure to encourage hand and body movements too!

here is oneriddle generatorto help with directions.

19. Photographic finishing

Photo Finish turns an old-fashioned scavenger hunt into a smartphone photo hunt! Create a list of 20 items, areas, and waypoints in and around your workspace to set up the game. Competitors search for items and take pictures of the finds. The first team to capture all 20 items, return to the starting point and share the footage with the judge is the winner. You can also use photos to create the listing by taking photos of items in a larger item. Things like a number on a specific clock or a notable decoration on an employee's desk will work. Then send the players on a tour of the grounds and identify the "big picture". Teams have a lot of work ahead of them!

Look at thisphoto scavenger hunt ideas list.

(Video) Who’s the Best NINJA? Ultimate Ninja Star! Talent Search Episode 3

20. Typing Career

Amazing Race challenge ideas for adults can feature familiar work tasks like a timed typing race. To run the race, email your team members a link to a timed typing site and have everyone participate in one-minute typing races. Challengers submit their results to a predetermined judge. The contestant who writes the most words in one minute is the winner. If there is a tie, the error factor counts towards breaking the tie and crowning the final typing champion.

That isSite Writing.comhas free typing tests you can use.

21. Dishes and Cups Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses using cups and plates are simple but effective DIY Amazing Race ideas for work. These challenges are easy to assemble using basic supplies. You can create a crazy course that includes twisting paths, areas to jump, run and spin, and other imaginative challenges. It is helpful to use color coding between cups and plates as a visual cue for different challenges. For example, the space between two red cups is for jumping, while the space between the blue cups is for running. Feel free to add any twists you think will make the course as fun as possible!

22. Sweet Challenge

The Candy Challenge is an awesome race idea that takes a bit of coordination to pull off. In this challenge, contestants suck air through a straw to lift individual candies from one dish to another. We recommend using chocolate or fruit flavored candies as lighter pieces that move more easily. Or use heavier cinnamon or caramel discs to test your challenger's breath power!

A second tier candy challenge: Contestants can blow their straws to move pieces from one side of the plate to the other.

23. Human Basketball

Amazing running challenges like human basketball require a little prep work and some cheap supplies. Be sure to enlist team members to help out before the competition. To create the arena, attach a section of a large rubber band or terry cloth headband to a plastic cup, leaving the loop open. Player one, the "basket", wears the forehead band cup. Player two, the “shooter”, throws ping pong balls into the cup. The team tries to make as many baskets as possible in a one-minute round. After the first round, players switch roles for another one-minute round. The team that scores the most points is the human basketball champion!


You can use Amazing Race ideas to fuel your workplace with dynamic energy for your team building events. Some challenges leverage a wide range of skills to revitalize the entire team! You can organize a circuit of four or five Amazing Race tasks into teams to ensure that all players have the opportunity to experience various events. You can also involve your team members in creating events for even more opportunities to build teamwork.

Then check out these lists oftreasure hunt appsyvirtual game show ideas.

FAQ: amazing racing games

Here are answers to common questions about Amazing Race Ideas for offices.

What is The Amazing Race?

The Amazing Race is a reality competition show. Teams of two complete challenges and follow clues through exotic locations to advance to the next location. Collaboration is a big part of competition.

How do you play The Amazing Race in the office?

To play The Amazing Race at the office, create challenges that inspire teamwork, cooperation, and collaborative play. You can create an Amazing Race track that includes four or five challenges. To overcome time constraints, you can also set up stations with separate tasks and challenges if your team has a larger number of employees.

What are some good Amazing Race ideas for work?

Some good ideas for Amazing Race work include cookie stacking, the coffee game, paper airplane contests, and dance relays. Creative activities that require teams to work together are what Amazing Race is all about.


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